2020 SEO Trends


New businesses are being created every day, which means that the competition for reader's attention is at an all time high. Google is constantly changing and updating its search algorithms, which can change the ways your website ranks. If you are interested in finding out how you can stay on top of SEO trends in 2020, you are in the right place.

Voce Search: People Search The Web The Same Way They Speak
“Google, what’s the nearest spa near me?”

Research shows that in 2019, 20% of mobile queries were voice searches. Evidently, voice searches are becoming more popular and people are typing their search queries in similar ways that they talk. Individuals who search long-tail keywords are more likely to convert than someone who is in the awareness/learning stage.

Leveraging Influencers For SEO
More businesses are allocating larger portions of their budgets on influencers. Online users are always seeing ads and content. Because of this over-saturation of content, they look to influencers that they like and trust to give them reviews and suggestions on things that they enjoy. Users are most likely to trust information given to them from an influencer than an ad.

What Does Influencer Marketing Have To Do With SEO?
Working with an influencer will enable you to generate more traffic, increase your online visibility, and raise your content reach. Many companies shy away from influencer marketing because they don’t plan their sponsored content effectively. Your efforts have to align with the needs of your audience, and you need to work with influencers that are already engaging with your target audience.

Content Length
High-quality content will beat the competition every time when it comes to SEO. It is important that you also think about quantity when generating content. The average length of the top ten results on Google is approximately 2,000 words. Longer articles will increase dwell time, which tells Google that people are enjoying your content, which helps you build authority and Google will increase your ranking for search queries. You have to make sure that your content answers the question(s) that the user asked and any other questions related to their main search query.

To write high-quality content, you need to: - Understand who your target audience is and how they search. - Know the intent behind the questions they ask or what the problems are that they are trying to solve. - Give them the solutions that they are looking for, in the formats that they enjoy, with on-point, quality and authoritative content.

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2020 SEO Trends

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