Back to Back: BreezeMaxWeb® is One of CBRB’s Best Businesses in Canada


For the second consecutive month, we have been selected as one of the Canadian Business Review Board (CBRB) Best Businesses in Canada 2022.

As a customer-centred business, we aim to provide satisfactory services for each client we serve. To maintain our status as one of the CBRB Best Businesses in Canada, our organization must maintain a minimum of 4 stars on Google Reviews and other verification methods to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer Centric

Digital Marketing is a complex and nuanced industry—there are no cookie-cutter solutions to modern business solutions. Each day we work for our clients, we strive to improve our individual and team-wide skill sets while optimizing systems and processes to deliver the most effective campaigns.

A group of investors created the Canadian Business Review Board intending to highlight businesses that operate on customer-centred principles.

Their badge is a mark of prestige that requires continual adherence to the best business practices as we assist our clients in reaching their business goals.

Results Driven

Organizations that provide the highest level of customer service with results-driven methods are excellent partners to help companies thrive.

Some digital marketing organizations offer products and services that leave business owners on their own to sink or swim.

BreezeMaxWeb® works as the compass and rudder—our experts utilize years of experience to empower our clients and their businesses with the knowledge and tools to succeed. And we work each day to help educate our clients about market opportunities while delivering on integrated campaigns to help drive sales.

Dedicated to Our Client Success

As one of the CBRB's Best Businesses in Canada 2022, we are dedicated, motivated and passionate about helping each of our clients achieve their goals and upholding the CBR's four tenets of Excellent Customer Service:

  1. A Strong Vision for our customers' success.
  2. A Customer-Centric Approach in all that we do.
  3. Striving for Customer Satisfaction throughout the workflow of all projects.
  4. Business Leadership through innovative solutions and continually-evolving solutions.

Helping to Achieve Your Vision

We created BreezeMaxWeb® over ten years ago to help provide business owners with practical, sound advice to generate more website traffic, leads and sales.

We've grown considerably in the last decade, expanding to provide a full range of digital marketing services under one roof.

With clients across Canada, the U.S. and overseas, we strive to continue assisting business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and managers to enhance their digital presence and realize their business vision. Call us today at 1-888-466-4167 if you're interested in working with a team dedicated to your success!

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