We Are Google’s Premier Partner for 2023


BreezeMaxWeb® is delighted to announce that it has officially been recognized as a Google Premier Partner for 2023. The spot is only reserved for companies that have exemplified expertise in Google Ads – those who relentlessly strive to continue implementing robust Google Partnership standards.

Google Partners Program

As part of the Google Partners program, this prestigious accreditation is bestowed to digital marketing businesses & advertising agencies that manage ad accounts for businesses and brands on Google’s Ad Manager platforms. Companies looking to leverage the power of Google Ads can join its Partners Program for various strategic benefits, accessing essential tools, analytics and insights into ad campaigns and content performance.

They also enjoy specialized support from three distinct collaboration tiers – Member, Partner or Premier Partner. Each tier brings graduated access to greater knowledge, benefit and privilege about campaign performance and further opportunities to enhance our relationship with the renowned search engine giant.

Specialist & Certified

Our VP of Ad Operations, Jisan Biswas, & his team of Google Ad Specialists has been instrumental in bringing home this prestigious recognition.

“As one of the top digital marketing companies in Canada, we are proud to be recognized as a Google Premier Partner – a testament to our commitment to excellence. And our ability to deliver superior results for our clients,” Jisan states proudly.

He adds, “Our team of certified Google Ads experts has worked tirelessly to achieve this distinction, and we are excited to continue growing our partnership with Google.”

We Are Canada’s Google Ad Experts

Now joining the top ranks of elite ranks of 92 Premier Partners in Canada, BreezeMaxWeb® is listed on the first page of Google’s crème de la crème of Partners & agencies. With top industry expertise & skill sets to optimize your Google Marketing campaigns, there’s no better creative digital agency out there than BreezeMaxWeb®. Let’s strategize & unlock the potential of your brand with our in-house infrastructure and talent.

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