How to Beat Big Brands in SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website in order to get organic traffic to your website. It may seem like big brands are monopolizing search results pages, but the truth is, with the right knowledge and techniques, you can beat big brands with a specialized SEO campaign.

Big brands have the advantage of brand infirmity. Everyone knows them and they have the resources to allocate to the digital marketing efforts, putting them ahead of the game in the digital marketing world. They do SEO differently than someone with a smaller business would, and oftentimes they skip over the basics. It is not often that you see big brands showing up on top results for keywords that their pages aren’t optimized for, as they usually will focus on ranking for brand keywords only.

How Can You Beat Your Competition With SEO?
Focus on Your Branding
Branding is extremely important because it’s how people come to know and familiarize themselves with your branding. Without clear and consistent branding across all of your channels, your business will be overlooked by your target audience.

Target More Branded Keywords
Take a page out of the big brand’s book and optimize brand related key terms. You should focus less on generic key terms and more on terms that relate to your business and brand.

Local Search
Local search is one of the best ways to get your website to get to the top of search results. Despite how big brands monopolize them, Google will still show some local results to users (if applicable).

Target Keywords that Big Brands are Not trying to Compete On
When it comes to SEO keywords, they are going to be keywords that big brands are unable to target because a) they have an indirect path to ROI, or b) They conflict with their PR. Those can be any of the following:

Long tail keywords: These are three to four keyword phrases that are specific to your product/service.

Comparison keywords: It would not be in the best interest for big brands to compare themselves to other brands, but it’s in yours!

Don’t Ignore Social Media
While social media is not the channel that converts the most users, when competing with big brands, it is invaluable. Many of your clients/customers will use it to reach out to you about customer service and other support related queries, but what better way to build your brand than by helping your customers.

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beat big brands in seo

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