How to Optimize Your URLs for SEO


Uniform resource locators, more commonly referred to as URLs, must be clear and friendly in order for them to benefit your site. Complicated URLs will make it harder for users and search engines to access or promote your site, which would negatively impact your business. Simple is always better because it will eliminate problems and increase the chances of a reader clicking on your site. Your goal is to constantly increase the percentage of people visiting your site and a high click-through rate will suggest that your page is relevant and popular, so Google will place you at the top.

A high click-through rate will lead Google to promote your page in terms of rankings, meaning you’ll get more traffic and more business as a result. This will only be possible if you have a clear URL so that search engine optimization leads right to you. SEO is an effective way of keeping your business relevant while helping your company name stand out whenever a consumer is conducting a search.

A complicated URL will likely cause them to skip right through your company, which would decrease your click-through rate and place your site at the bottom where it may generate no traffic at all. Additionally, a lot of sites link to simple URLs because it is easy to do and this is another benefit that simplicity provides. This is a great way of optimizing your URLs, which will likely be pasted in full without any mistakes. The same cannot be said of complex URLs, which may turn consumers and other sites away, or other sites may post a portion of your URL only, which is not beneficial to your company or page in any way.

It is always best when the full URL is used as the link text because it most likely contains target keywords from the page it is linked to. Keyword-rich links are a crucial part of SEO, so it is ideal to click on the actual words as a link, which will be possible only when a full URL is used. SEO and URLs are linked and they need to make a connection in order for your business to thrive. Original and well researched content that is published regularly will help with SEO, which will lead to your URL and bring more people to your site as a result. As strange as it sounds, people need to like your URL in order for them to be interested in it and simple ones are always preferred. Remember that it's the consumers who will share or recommend your links, so it’s important to please them if you want your pages to rank well.

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