How To Make the Perfect Landing Page For SEO


A landing page is a page on your website that people reach by clicking a link from an advertisement, email, or social media. Each page has a specific intention rather than providing general content to users. They are usually strategies for various marketing campaigns. When you’re making a landing page for your website, SEO is a huge thing you should consider, even if the campaign only runs for a few days or weeks.

Why is SEO important?
SEO-optimized landing pages are especially important to businesses who run similar marketing campaigns each year. Seen frequently with retailers offering “semi annual sales.” While these campaigns only run for a few weeks out of the year, leaving your page active all year can save you the hassle of climbing search rankings year after year. Think of it like saving a video game at a high level so you can start there the next time you play. Tweaking your page each year or event is always better than starting from scratch, but keep in mind that the Google algorithm changes often and you will need to reassess and update to match algorithm needs.

Optimizing for SEO

1. Research topic keywords
Research keywords that relate to your marketing campaign. For example, if your deal is on dresses, aim for keywords related to dresses. Don’t always go for the shorter options, these are not only harder to rank for, but your page may not even reach the target audience. Instead, try something more specific like “wintertime dress sale Toronto.” These longer keywords are easier to rank for and the people who are searching these topics are your target audience.

2. URL
Once you know what your keywords are, incorporate them into your URL structure,( Feel free to add keywords in your headings, tags, and image descriptions.

3. Don't worry about length
Don't give yourself conditions when it comes to writing a landing page. Get your thorough point across without skipping details, but without adding so much fluff you lose rankings. You will find that landing pages commonly span between 300-1000 words. Within your writing use your keywords where they fit, but try not to stick them just anywhere. This is known as keyword stuffing, and will harm your Google ranking.

4. Links back to your page
Try and get backlinks to your landing page. Any backlink is better than no back link, but aim for higher quality backlinks to boost your search rankings. Aim for blogs and influencers in and around your target audience. That way, you are advertising to your target audience and improving your standing on Google.

5. Sharable content
Somewhere on your landing page, you should have an option to share the site link. That way, your site visitors can send the link to their friends and other people who might like the page.

Optimizing your landing pages for SEO is not a simple process, it takes time and consideration. Understandably not everyone has time to do this, that’s where digital agencies like BreezeMaxWeb can help. Our experienced team can help you craft the perfect landing page for any marketing campaign. Call us today to talk about your options along with a free SEO audit!

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