Powerful Advantages of Google Reviews


Google reviews are just as essential to growing a small business as they are to maintaining high status, but why is that? Here are four powerful advantages to Google reviews.

Better Search Rankings
There are two ways to make it to the top of Google search results; with ads or natural search rankings. Getting more positive Google reviews will help you rank higher in searches organically. It is more valuable to rank naturally as customers are more likely to click on natural search pages over ads. Reviews help with web searches but they are advantageous to Google Maps rankings as well. As a business, showing up on the maps page is another business asset. Google shows the top three results in maps first, if you can make it there, your traffic will surely increase.

Get A Leg Up On Your Competition
If you are getting more Google reviews, you are getting a leg up on your competition. Suppose you and your competitor each have a 4.6-star rating, but you have 70 reviews and they only have seven. Customers will be more likely to check out your business because while you both have the same ranking, your business has had more traffic and appears as more reputable. Even if your business has a slightly lower ranking but more reviews, your site will still be picked over the competition.

Influence And Trust
Many positive Google reviews can influence customers to shop at your location, or check out your website. This is because there is a level of trust that is established with Google reviews. 78% of people say they trust reviews as much as a personal friend recommendation. If your business has over 100 reviews, most people will take that as 100 people highly recommend using your service or visiting your location. You are also able to show your credibility, if there is a bad review, you can respond and offer to correct their bad experience, or set the truth straight.

Free And Honest Advice
Finally, from a business standpoint, reviews can give you an idea of how you're doing. Is there something that everyone mentions in their reviews? If everyone is mentioning one sales associate in a positive light, that is a great sign that they are going above and beyond. On the other hand, if there is something that your customers mention is lacking, you know where you can direct your attention.

How To Get Google Reviews
Generating Google reviews takes time, and these reviews are best when they come honestly. In other words, don't pay your customers to leave reviews. Not only will it paint a more truthful picture to you as a business owner, but if you incentivize leaving a review, you might get flagged by Google and lose points within the ranking system. You can, however, gently ask if they would like to leave a review, leave a link on your webpage, and of course, provide review-worthy service!

Want help with getting great Google reviews? Call BreezeMaxWeb for a free website audit and to learn more about taking your business to the next level.

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