The Do’s And Don'ts Of Facebook Campaigns


Facebook campaigns can be a great marketing tool when used correctly and a complete waste of money when crafted and used incorrectly. See if you're on the right track by checking out the following do’s and don’ts when it comes to Facebook campaigns.

Do target mobile users
98.3% of Facebook users access the platform from a mobile device. By targeting mobile users either with ad format or in the settings, you are reaching the majority of users.

Don't market to everyone: instead, know your target audience
Knowing who your target audience is can save you a ton of capital. Rather than throwing out a mass ad, get specific to your age range and demographic to maximize your success rate.

Do Proofread
Proofreading each ad is extremely important. You don't want to be spending money pushing out an ad that has a grammatical error or low-quality image. It is not as effective and doesn’t project a professional image to your potential buyers.

Don't forget to track your ads
Tracking how well your campaign is doing is very important. By monitoring who your content reaches and who it is most effective with gives you insight on how you can make modifications to make your campaign better.

Do have a plan for where you send customers
With each ad, make sure there is a clear path you want the customers to follow. Do not just link your website and be done with it. You want to build a connection with potential customers that is somewhat of a personal relationship. With proper ad targeting, you can find customers who want exactly what you are selling. Try linking to a certain product or landing page.

Don’t go overboard
You want to start out strong with your campaign. That does not mean spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a whole bunch of ads. You can start strong by having a solid and well-thought-out plan for each campaign. Make your audience specific and spend less money advertising to your specific targets.

Do test different demographics
If you are unsure of who to market to, create two different ads and test one on each audience, you will get a good idea of which campaign works better, as well as what your target audience is drawn to.

Don’t stop posting on your main page
Once you create your campaign, don't expect that to be the end of your work. Continue with your regular posting, and even tailor your posts to your campaign to maximize results.

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