Tips for Better Display Advertising


While optimization approaches should be customized to each individual account, there are certain tactics that can apply to every business to make their display advertising more effective.

It’s time to ask the right questions: which platform better suits your budget, type of ad, or type of product? How much presence do you already have in the market? Do you want to target a particular group of people?

Consider Pay-Per-Conversion Strategies
This method allows you to pay only when someone converts on your website and it is a great strategy to test because it will allow you to keep building awareness about your company or brand without spending too much. Shifting your display campaign to this strategy may provide you with better results, and if you experience a high number of conversions at any time, you can change your strategy to something more suitable. This will allow you to receive impressions and clicks and will allow you to create brand awareness and traffic for a very reasonable amount of money, and if you do not see any direct conversions, you will not have to pay at all. It is a great strategy to test, regardless of whether or not your account has been impacted recently.

Check Your Placement Reports
User behaviour changes often and this is especially true with the recent pandemic. You must review your audience to see whether or not there is a shift in terms of performance so that you can act accordingly. Now is the time to check where your ads are being shown and this needs to be done a lot more often as user behaviour has changed quite a bit. With the current pandemic, there is a lot more traffic online but this is not always good because it can hurt your campaign just as much as it can benefit its performance. For this reason, you must monitor your placements constantly to see what optimizations need to be made and to understand the current trends.

Have An Exclusion Strategy In Place
This is a tricky one but you need to be proactive with this strategy because it can make a big difference. There are a lot of sites that have large ad spaces but just because that space is available, it does not mean you need to waste it by placing ads for potential users who will miss it because they just want to focus on the featured article. Exposure on certain sites can be valuable but you have to factor in your account goals to see if your display ad makes sense. This strategy would allow you to block out certain URLs so that they don’t interfere with your ad, but exclusions can also work in your favour because you can target a specific audience. For example, if you have a product that would be helpful during this pandemic, you can target users while they are reading about the virus and they may be more inclined to purchase your product as a result.

When it comes to display ads, AdWords or SEM, BreezeMaxWeb can help. We are experts in these fields and can take your business to the next level, so if you want to experience success with your display advertising campaign, give us a call today!

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