Your website is oftentimes the first encounter a user has with your automotive business. Leaving a great first impression is not something to underestimate. It is part of the deciding factor for whether customers return or not. How you portray your business online will translate to what consumers think of you, if your site is unorganized, you give the impression that you as a business are unorganized. Interested in upgrading your site for your automotive business? Let's look at how each aspect of your website impacts your digital marketing strategy.

Components of quality web design
Websites are complex entities composed of text, image, code, and, of course, marketing. But do you know how many website factors go into your marketing strategy?

User experience
Having a website online means anyone with access to the internet can visit. This is a great thing about the internet. If your site is only optimized on one platform, you are missing out on potentially thousands more clients. It can be a lot of work, but making your website accessible from mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet is essential to providing a positive user experience. Your site should be organized with no broken links or confusing layouts. Make the experience for your user as easy as possible to avoid confusion. In a marketing strategy, the last thing you need is for a customer to not be able to see how to make a purchase.

Text and font
After your site is device optimized, make sure the site text is legible and readable. Don't use the smallest font to fit more on your pages, it is challenging for people to read and your message won't get across. When it comes to colouring your font, avoid colours like yellow that make it hard to read. Use a font that is legible enough to read as well, avoid complex fonts unless they are in your logo, instead try sans serif fonts, they are easiest to read on a digital platform.

The colours on your site are what user eyes will be drawn to first. Are they loud? Do your colours go together? Do they align with your business brand? To carry out a successful marketing strategy, keep the colours on your page aligned with your business, and easy on customers’ eyes. Colours have more than just an aesthetic function, choosing the right colours can impact consumer emotions as well.

Finally, optimize your site to rank on search engines like Google. To optimize your website for search engines, use target keywords and phrases related to the automotive industry. You can do this by adding a blog feature and writing about topics related to your business. This will naturally drive traffic to your webpage. Optimizing for search engines is not only about what is on the page. Making sure there are no errors in your code or broken links will increase your chances of ranking on Google, therefore bettering your digital marketing strategy.

In conclusion, the design of your website has a massive impact on your digital marketing strategy. If you want to make your site as effective as possible, you can hire an automotive digital marketing agency like BreezeMaxWeb who can improve your site reachability, with proven results. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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