A B2C Buyer's Guide to Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency


With the endless field of possibilities, the online world has to offer, hiring the best digital marketing agency for your company can be difficult. Before you can run a successful campaign with an agency that's full of promises, you need to know exactly what they can do for you and how they'll do it. Not only will this save you time but it will also strengthen your marketing foundation for the future. Here are just a few of the services your agency will need to provide for success:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

A set of strategies is used to increase your business's visibility and rank within Google's search results. Using the proper methods and keywords, your web pages should be seen on page one, ranked at the top of the search results. As well, local SEO strategies should be set in place if a specific location is a major factor in driving your sales.

Content Marketing:

Creating content, like blogs, videos, podcasts, images, landing pages, service pages and more, supports both sales and marketing progress. This content can be used to direct your target audience towards your site, to generate leads and develop trust. During the sales process, content supports the operations, giving the team useful resources they can put into action.

Social Media Marketing:

Not only does social media marketing inform potential customers of your existence, but it also increases site traffic, adds value to the community and persuades your target audience to go to your brand first. Using the right approach, you can supercharge site traffic in no time.

Website Design and Development Services:

Having professional and appealing website design elements will dramatically improve your audience's interaction with the content. A clear message and clean design will allow your audience to put faith in what you have to offer, as they'll assume that any company who puts that much effort into their branding must have something valuable to offer them. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be flashy. A focus on user-friendly features, mobile optimization and quick finds will be the key to web design success.

What to Ask an Agency?:

Do they specialize in your industry?

Does the agency provide experts? What experience do they have within your industry? Are any services outsourced? In order for them to be as effective as possible, the marketing agency needs to have experience in delivering specific services that cater to your industry to improve your business.

If they offer search engine optimization, content and copywriting, web development and design, and account-based marketing, then they're definitely worth your time. Do you need to keep your campaign simple and cost-effective? Find an agency that has no problem supplying those traits. These questions are necessary in order to weed out the digital marketing agencies that aren't a good fit for your company and won't enable you to grow in sales or visibility.

Who do you direct your concerns and ideas too?

To make sure there's consistency between your company and the agency, there needs to be a constant, open line of communication with the sole strategist handling your account. If you are thrown back and forth from person to person, it's likely that nothing will be done effectively and many things will be lost along the way.

Make sure you're comfortable with how your campaign is going every step of the way. Be sure that you've chosen an agency that allows you to voice any concerns you have without taking over or rejecting them without consideration. You'll know your business and the agency are a good match when you start seeing positive results within the first three months. Those 90 days are crucial, both for your campaign and the future relationship between your companies.

The responses you should be looking for are detailed strategies that focus specifically on your business. If your marketing agency is using unimaginative strategies, recycled designs and poor communication, then it's a red flag that they're not the ones to get you moving towards the results you want.

Specific Deliverables:

What SEO Services Should Get You

Your SEO agency should provide you with in-depth keyword research, in addition to personal consultations to make sure every possibility is thought out and planned for, whether it's now or in the future. Extensive process planning for local and traditional search engine optimization methods that prevent page overlapping from occurring and constant process review are just a few things that your SEO team should be accomplishing.

What Content Services Should Provide You:

A dedicated content research and writing team who can ensure that everything written outperforms the competition through sound strategies is exactly what you need. As website content, whatever form it may take, is an investment into your business's future, it needs to be well reviewed, work in favour of optimizing search results and map out a potential customer's journey in how they got to your page in the first place.

What Social Media Services Should Provide You

All content for your company should be promoted to some extent, which means a strategic promotional process needs to be defined and executed at all times. It also needs to align with your target audience, posted to them for a specific reason rather than just blindly sharing irrelevant topics. Social media postings should increase over time, consistently engaging new and old consumers with more than just self-promotional content.

What Web Development Services Should Provide You

Your business needs assurance that a digital marketing agency with website development services can produce well-designed sites that encompass user-friendly handling, clean designs and conversion optimization. As many agencies tend to outsource any website development, find a company that's dedicated to creating functional web pages that reflect your specific branding and handle urgent issues the moment they arise.

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