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Canada’s SEO, Digital Advertising and Tech Experts

BreezeMaxWeb® started as a digital marketing agency, first established in 2005 and launched in Canada in 2008. Over the years, BreezeMaxWeb® has evolved to become experts in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, Website Creation, and Tech Innovation. BreezeMaxWeb has built an incredibly talented team that you can trust with your business. Our team is fully certified and prepared to help you with Google advertising, social media advertising, creating and hosting your website, posting to your company’s social media feeds and improving your ranking on Google. We continue to regularly make changes to meet the ever-changing landscape of the digital marketing and tech world, and evolve our line of products to best serve small and mid-sized businesses all over Canada, including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba.

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\ Client-First Approach \

Engaging your target market is the key to bolstering your bottom line. In today's digital marketing landscape, you need to dominate search engines, craft effective marketing campaigns and strategically distribute them to capture your audience's attention. Our success is rooted in a steadfast commitment to building relationships with our clients and delivering on our promises. BreezeMaxWeb® takes a client-first approach, understanding our client's unique challenges, needs and expectations.

A local marketing expert can meet you at your office or store and create a customized marketing plan. Turning to BreezeMaxWeb® is an investment in expanding your business. We take that investment seriously.

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\ Our Products \

Every company across Canada requires a unique strategy to ensure they have the most success in their industry. At BreezeMaxWeb , we have a line-up of over 40 streamlined products that help you target new leads, increase your brand’s awareness, and keep your website up and running on our dedicated servers, among many more advantages. No matter what you need, we have the products that help you dominate your field.

These products span over seven categories, which you can read more about below:


Traffic & Leads

Leveraging your website to deliver leads and sales is important, which is why our products help increase your business' online presence both organically as well as with paid ads/media buys.

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Mobile & Conversions

Our mobile-first focus has given our clients an advantage in the world of on-the-go technology since 2009. Get the best mobile site, mobile ad campaign, mobile optimization, and mobile conversions with Google’s largest mobile certified partner!


Branding & Video

Awareness of your brand is critical. It helps build trust and recognition in your prospective target market due to the identification of the needs you fulfill while they utilize your product or services.


Social & Reputation

Our social media management and optimization service helps you get followers, talk to your audience one-on-one, and strengthen relationships with existing clients.


Ecommerce & Websites

Our team of web designers produce attractive and functional Ecommerce websites that users can easily browse and shop on using any device with an enhanced focus on mobile.


I.T. & Network Solutions

If you are looking for customized team collaboration tools, email centralization, cloud hosting, security and data storage solutions that provide complete peace of mind, BreezeMaxWeb is your single point of contact for all your I.T needs.

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Reporting & Analytics

Track important information from clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and conversion rates to phone calls, online sales, form submissions and much more. With all this data, we have the foresight to serve you better.

Each product is available by itself, but we have introduced five different packages with a line-up of certain products that help kickstart your digital marketing, SEO and website campaigns.

\ BreezeSuites \


Engage with your customers using immediate communication strategies that work.


Mobile-first strategies to keep you ahead of the curve and your competition.


Track important analytical data and information to enhance your marketing campaign.


Track important analytical data and information to enhance your marketing campaign.


Invest in a business that invests in you, financing for your business and your customers.

\ Our Tech Partners \

BreezeMaxWeb is more than just a digital marketing agency! Over the past decade, we have worked tirelessly to become a player in the tech world. As of December 2020, we have become a partner with 28 tech giants, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Click here to check out all of the great partnerships we have created, and contact us to see how you can leverage them to your advantage.

\ Our Affiliates \

Working alongside other great companies in Canada allows all of us to help our clients achieve their goals and grow faster with stability. We are currently affiliated with 58 companies and are looking for more opportunities with other businesses! Check out our current list of affiliates, and contact us today if you are interested in joining the list!


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