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BreezeMaxWeb® is a digital marketing agency first established in 2005 and launched in Canada in 2008. Over the years BreezeMaxWeb® has built an incredibly talented team that you can trust with your business. Our team is fully certified and prepared to help you with Google Advertising. We continue to regularly make changes and evolve to best serve small and mid-sized businesses all over Canada including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba.

Whatever your industry, engaging your target market is the key to bolstering your bottom line. In today's media landscape, you need to dominate search engines, craft effective marketing campaigns and strategically distribute them to capture your audience's attention. Our success is rooted in a steadfast commitment to building relationships with our clients and delivering on our promises. BreezeMaxWeb® takes a client-centred approach, understanding client's unique challenges, needs and expectations. Whatever the size of your business, a local marketing expert can meet you at your office or, store and create a customized marketing plan. Turning to BreezeMaxWeb® is an investment in expanding your business. We take that investment seriously.

On October 2nd, 2015 BreezeMaxWeb® was honored to be invited to visit the Canadian Google Headquarters located in Downtown Toronto. During the BreezeMaxWeb®'s team visit they were acknowledged and congratulated by Google for ranking as the 58th fastest growing company in Canada. Google exclusively introduced a new Google advertising product for BreezeMaxWeb® to carry across Canada as the premier Canadian Google partner. The introduction of these two new products will allow BreezeMaxWeb® to integrate SMBs on a larger scale online at much more efficient cost and measurement tools to track ROI. We are a multilinguistic, multicultural company with a range of different backgrounds and ethnicities. We also offer multicultural advertising or multicultural marketing to help you communicate your ads with your particular ethnicity or language.

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