Access Rent a Car offers car rental services in Vancouver with the mission to make transportation easy for anyone in Vancouver. They provide a variety of quality vehicles at affordable prices to anyone in the Vancouver area, whether they are a local, a tourist or a person on a business trip. With easy access to car rentals (as well as bikes and scooters) and an emphasis on making it accessible to everyone, Access Rent a Car provides their customers with the chance to experience the beauty and the sights that the city of Vancouver has to offer.


Before engaging BreezeMaxWeb in January 2017, Access Rent a Car was experiencing difficulties with their online presence:

  • The website was not mobile friendly, which meant that any potential user navigating the site on their mobile device had a poor experience. Most users that came to the site on their mobile device left without further clicks.
  • A security breach was found in their old website and was being exploited by hackers. The result was that we received warnings from Google that the website security was compromised, and that if the issue was not resolved quickly, they would receive a penalty.
  • Their Google My Business map badge identified them as a bike rental company.


For a business that is located in the heart of Vancouver, Access Rent a Car was looking to receive more customer traffic.


The Media Consultant and the SEO Analysts at BreezeMaxWeb reviewed Access Rent a Car's website and the problems with it, and took in the factors of their location and the flow of potential customers. With that, they worked out a strategy that would be best suited for maximizing conversion rates, thus improving Access Rent a Car's credibility and business.

Based on their issues, BreezeMaxWeb identified the most practical and effective strategy:

  • A new, mobile friendly website was needed to allow online bookings for users across all interfaces.
  • Implement a secure hosting environment so that both Access Rent a Car and any user can be assured of the safety of the website.
  • Google My Business had to be updated in order to have the correct labelling on Google Maps.

Execution Strategy


Our team of Web Developers built Access Rent a Car an entirely new website to resolve the security issues that Google Search Console notified us about. The website was developed through WordPress and it is functional, engaging and can be used across both desktop and mobile devices.


Hosted the new website on our own secure servers to increase security and to ensure that the website will not be vulnerable to hackers.


Once the website was released, our SEO Analysts provided quality search engine optimization, which increased the user experience, as well as organically increasing the website's ranking on Google. This included a backlink evaluation which revealed that there was a number of low quality spam websites that linked to Access Rent a Car's domain, which contributed to "negative" SEO. This problem was remedied by going through the backlinks, determining which ones were spam and disavowing them.


Before the launch of the new website, Access Rent a Car's website traffic was low and inorganic. This quickly changed when BreezeMaxWeb launched the newly designed SEO friendly website, resulting in a 27% average increase of visitor growth, of which 80% being organic (those who found the website through Google and other search engines).

From starting with BreezeMaxWeb in January 2017, the Access Rent a Car website consistently went up the rankings on Google before reaching the top position in May, and stayed there thanks to various digital marketing tactics being employed.

This compares sessions from January 29, 2017 to April 29, 2017 and June 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017.

Session: a session is a group of interactions that a user takes within a certain time frame on the website. A 335.58% increase was the result of our efforts.

Users: a user is anyone that is browsing the website, whether they are a returning visitor or a new one. There was an increase in users, specifically returning visitors with an increase at 381.75%.

Pageviews: this is defined as a user's view on a page. There was an increase in 199.15%.

The amount of time on each page and session has decreased, which can be due to the website being easier to navigate, and therefore less time needing to be spent on it thanks to the digital marketing tactics implemented by BreezeMaxWeb.

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