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Digital Agency Partnering with The Salvation Army

Together We Make An Impact

BreezeMaxWeb is extremely proud to partner with the Salvation Army and help play our part in creating friendships, fun, and lifelong memories for unprivileged children across Canada.

For every 5 new clients, we will be sending one special child to the Salvation Army Summer Fresh Air Camp for one entire week

We rely on BreezeMaxWeb to help spread awareness of our Thrift Store Brand. As more and more people are environmentally aware and conscious of our atmosphere, we want to ensure that we promote the recycle, reduce, and re-use mentality. BreezeMaxWeb has helped us in many ways and on many initiatives, most recently on the 2017 Send a Kid to Camp Campaign.

Debbie McCloud

District Manager, Salvation Army Thrift Store

Non-Profit Marketing

Every non-profit has unique goals. Whether you are trying to build awareness, recruit volunteers or increase donations, Google Ad Grants can help you utilize AdWords to captivate your audience and tell your story. Google Ad Grantees receive free AdWords advertising of up to $120,00.00 USD per year on Google search result pages. Through Ad Grants Grantees can expand their reach, gain greater visibility and recruit volunteers for no additional cost. This program was created specifically by Google to help Not-For-Profit Organizations and Charities thrive in a heavily competitive digital world. BreezeMaxWeb was an originator of this program across North America and helps may charitable and non-profit organizations flourish with their expert team of marketing professionals leading the way.

Adwords Advertising

Google provides the most used and most effective directive advertising available. Over 85% of online searches for products and services in Canada are done on, which is why the Google Adwords Grant for non-profits is a great option for your organization.

Flexible, targeted advertising campaigns allow for real time capture of relevant opportunities on a unique and cost effective pay-for performance basis. With Google Adwords Grants your organization can skip the costly and technical headaches and stroll through the process quickly and efficiently. Your charity will be listed on the first page of Google’s search results. A $10,000 monthly budget will provide massive exposure for your charity.

Non-Profit SEO

Normally it might be difficult for you to be seen in Google’s search results. There are many charities out
there and yours may not be very visible on Google. Non-profit advertising thru Google search engine optimization instantly helps you overcome that problem. This exposure can help increase the public’s awareness of your charity and help incredibly with fundraising and volunteering. Our team of highly touted search engine optimization analysts structure the most comprehensive SEO strategy possible for your organization. We at BreezeMaxWeb understand many not-for-profit organizations and charities lack the resources, time, money and expertise to tackle such a large task, which is why we’re here to help and make the most out of the stringent budgets these organizations have to dedicate to marketing initiatives.

Uses of Google Adwords for Non-Profits

  • Build brand awareness
  • Attract new donors
  • Find new volunteers
  • Promote fundraising events
  • Advertise your cause-based on-line store

How BreezeMaxWeb can help your organization

BreezeMaxWeb brings daily professional campaign management and ongoing continual improvement processes to ensure you receive the greatest possible value for your Google Adwords grant for non- profit.

We manage our non-profit’s clients’ campaigns in the most cost effective, hands-on, aggressive and productive manner possible and we do that on an ongoing basis every day. Working with your dedicated Media Consultant face-to-face makes the process a breeze and simplifies your role. Let us do what we do best and make you look like the shining light you truly are!

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