We have mentioned this many times before, Google is always on the hunt to improve its services especially when it come to their online advertising segment. While not all the updates are appropriate for every advertiser and company, it is always great to know that there are many ways to improve the advertising account. While in the past we have seen updates to reporting, reach, remarketing audiences, shopping advertising and much more, there is always the ability to tweak and improve every part.

Google AdWords campaigns are the stepping stone to growing your company online and it is the most important crutch to making sure this occurs. With numerous campaign options available companies can easily identify specific markets/demographics to advise towards, change bids, budgets, ad schedule and much more. Within these campaigns companies develop a strategy to create key phrases and ad copy that will specifically reflect the services being offered with an end goal of linking users to the website advertised + converting.

While experiments are a great way to test and see how the changes will result in better or worse statistics, it is also something that not all companies are performing. Whether this involved key phrase CPC adjustments or ad copy changes, experiments allow optimization at the highest level. These experiments help to determine what changes are worth while, which don’t have to be made and those which should not be made. While testing is always important it can also help to determine for example which ad copy works best at what time of the day or at what time of the day should bids be increased on key phrases to help with maximum exposure.

Often times multiple campaigns are created in accounts in an effort to see which will perform better, be target differently and have various landing pages tested. While it is easy to create, enable, pause or remove campaigns, Google is also testing new ways for drafts. While drafts can be create at any time and the status can easily be changed, they are testing new ways to incorporate the draft campaigns to have different functionality. Draft campaigns in a way act as a point of idea, where the company may want to see if something could work, without placing it into the reporting section or view. If a draft is activated, paused or deleted it cannot ever change back to a draft campaign.

Draft Mode:
This draft mode acts as a tester in which updates on bids or ads on a seasonal basis may occur or a roll out of numerous changes at once for a specific date. These are great as your company can create and plan what will be done, place into draft mode to keep it on the down low, out of view and then when the time comes test and then roll it out easily. While there are other ways to accomplish this, draft mode is a time saver as your other campaigns are easily saved to switch from active to paused and vise versa at a specific point in time.

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