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Not just your traditional PPC agency from Google but, one of the best Google AdWords Services in Canada. AdWords is supposed to be a high quality, easy way to advertise on Google. However, the rapid growth for companies to climb to the first page of Google has led small and medium business owners, who would handle their own AdWords Services, to waste their hard earned money. This is due to the increased competition and the evolution of AdWords oriented companies emerging. With potentially an unlimited amount of permutations and combinations with keyword searches, finding the correct ones for your business and brand might be difficult. Let our expert AdWords marketing team direct the flow of business towards your website. Zero ad waste, just qualified leads! Being a creative digital agency who specializes in web advertising, your account will be reviewed and optimized by a team of certified Google AdWords Experts. Our AdWords services can include: Search partners, mobile networks, remarketing, video ads, shopping ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and display/ content networks. Our media consultants and AdWords Services technicians will work tirelessly to ensure that you show up on the first page of Google. We are your one stop shop to Google advertising, click below to get in contact with an one of our experts. Things to know about AdWords before you start:

  • AdWords is more effective and cheaper if your Website or Landing Page is relevant to your Ads
  • CPC is Cost Per Click, which means you only pay if visitor clicks on your ad
  • Having a higher Quality Score will Save YOU Money!

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How our Adwords services benefit you

  • No retail markup – you get our cost
  • In-depth Adwords Marketing and research into your brand.
  • On-going Adwords Services support for your Campaign
  • Managed by a team of 20+ Google Certified Technicians
  • Optimized for low costs over time (Quality Score Index Factor Incorporated)
  • Low performance based management fee that can’t be beat!
  • Transparent Reporting – you get direct reporting from Google

Adwords Services Testimonial

I tried to run my own Adwords campaign but I could not recover my monthly investment. The Adwords Services team from BreezeMaxWeb® did an amazing job creating a campaign for me in just under a week.

Dr. Nitin Kapoor

Owner and Principal Dentist, Trafalgar Village Dental