Andrew Faridani Travels Around the World To Speak in the WBS MARVELS


Andrew Faridani, the CEO and President of BreezeMaxWeb, is extremely excited to be speaking at the World Blockchain Summit in Busan, South Korea.

On February 20th, the 8th annual WBS MARVELS will take place at the Nurimaru APEC House. This jam-packed event will feature 32 different speakers that will talk about their experiences and expertise in the blockchain industry.

Andrew will be speaking about how blockchain technology and business go hand-in-hand. He will go through how businesses can grow through the aid of new and dynamic digital technology, with blockchain technology being at the forefront. There will be five different sessions during the Summit, Andrew will be speaking during the fourth session: Blockchain Business Ecosystem.

This is a major accomplishment and milestone for Andrew, and the team at BreezeMaxWeb is looking forward to hearing all about his experiences when he is back in Canada!

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