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In a recent interview with Melody from, our president and CEO, Andrew Faridani, spoke about his experiences so far with his new monetization platform for gaming PC,

In the interview, Andrew talks about how his experience at BreezeMaxWeb has helped him transition into this new vertical to ensure Gaimin can be as successful as possible. When asked about how can benefit gamers, Andrew said:

“Well, take GPU downtime utilization, for example, we have metrics that show that gamers are able to fund their hobby using this vertical. Roughly equivalent to an annual upgrade in value, the GPU proposition alone is a no-brainer. And they get it.

Our network expansion plan enables new to the platform gamers to introduce others and to earn from their GPU power, too.”

Andrew and the team at Gaimin are excited to start 2021 on the right foot and are expecting to have over 100,000 gamers on the platform before the start of 2022.

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