BreezeMaxWeb partners with Arkane Network – Bringing Blockchain and NFT technology to its clients


As more businesses tap into the power of the Blockchain to advance the practical potential of tech, a select few stand out. Arkane Network is one of those. It is, in fact, fast becoming the standard to aspire to when it comes to non-fungible token (NFT) creation and marketplace. As such, it recently partnered with BreezeMaxWeb to help bring the complexity of Blockchain to its leading clients and artists.

Arkane has made a name for itself in NFT management and security for digital game assets and offers an NFT transactions marketplace for fiat purchases and payouts rounded out by its crypto wallet solutions and white-label API. Its partnership with the iconic consumer brand and entertainment producer, Atari, through which it has helped boost the adoption of the Atari Token.

And, it is poised for compounded growth based on a new VC-backing from Germany’s biggest seed investor, High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), along with Blockrocket Accelerator.

That’s where BreezeMaxWeb comes in. As a first-mover into new technologies, the digital agency has forged a reputation as the go-to for tech companies looking for a unique brand of marketing. Its services include search engine optimization and marketing, social media and reputation management, app and software engineering, analytics and reporting, branding and creative, website development, lead generation and more. Its coveted certification as a Google Premier Partner reinforces its level of professional prominence, as does its membership to Forbes Business Development Council and a dozen other designations.

“Arkane is breaking boundaries and a perfect complementary partner when it comes to Blockchain technology and the technical side of NFT campaigns. We look forward to working alongside these noted innovators to maximize their market potential,” said Andrew Faridani, president and CEO, BreezeMaxWeb. “This partnership reinforces our digital marketing savvy on a worldwide stage with companies that are advancing new technologies.”

“BreezeMaxWeb comprises a team that includes creative techies who live and breathe digital marketing. We think big and thrive on promoting the business-building benefits of new tech and making complex concepts relatable to our clients’ target audiences,” added Faridani. “That has proven to be a winning formula so far, and we are excited to add Arkane Network to our list of trusted partners.”

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