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Race to Google- Best of the Bay- BreezeMaxWeb

Follow the progression of this five-day event that saw representatives of various Google advertising partners coming together to learn and build new leadership skills. BreezeMaxWeb’s very own Dave Madely and Alex B. were 2 of 39 representatives from the most prestigious digital marketing agencies in North America that dived in for a world-class experience that involved everything from a lavish welcome reception to leadership and quality service training from the Disney Institute.

Google Advertising: Experience Your City

On any given day, we look at our mobile phones over 150 times. Check out our latest video on the journey many of us take while searching for every day items, and how businesses can position their products or service to these buyers.

BreezeMaxWeb – Commercial: Your Local Digital Agency

BreezeMaxWeb™’s reputation is built on our ability to successfully design and manage internet advertising campaigns for local businesses. We use geo-targeted searches to increase our clients’ profiles online, maximising local exposure and increasing lead generation. 

BreezeMaxWeb – Commercial: Your Local Digital Agency (Extended Cut)

Advertising is a vast, complex and ever-evolving landscape, hiring a specialist is imperative to the success of any marketing campaign. BreezeMaxWeb™’s IT and marketing teams specialise in developing strategic online and mobile marketing campaigns. 

BreezeMaxWeb Mobile Revolution: Experience Your City (Extended Cut)

On any given day, we look at our mobile phones over 150 times. Check out our latest video on the journey many of us take while searching for every day items, and how businesses can position their products or service to these buyers.

BreezeMaxWeb Digital Events Preview

Join us as we host digital events (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) across the country for small to medium sized businesses. Educating businesses on the power of Google Advertising is one of the many ways BreezeMaxWeb reaches out to the local communities in which they serve.

Company Profile

BreezeMaxWeb’s clientele varies from small, medium to large enterprises, each of the organization has their own issues and problems. We create a package that suits and benefits your industry and service, whether it’s exposure or lead generation – anything you can imagine from the digital world. 

Client Testimonials

See what actual BreezeMaxWeb clients have to say about working with an industry leader. Professionalism and quality service have kept our clients happy and satisfied, driving traffic to their businesses and increasing sales and revenue. Find out what kind of difference our services can make for your own business. At BreezeMaxWeb, we’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied.®

BreezeMaxWeb® YouTube Ad

Take a humorous look at the sometimes confusing variety of advertising options available on the market today. If this video seems familiar, we know exactly how you feel. BreezeMaxWeb makes things simple with no hidden fees and honest service. We understand that you know what’s best for your own business, and we want you to start saving today on marketing and advertising services. Don’t end up paying for anything you don’t need to.

BreezeMaxWeb® YouTube Ad (Extended Cut)

There are even more doubtful propositions being thrown around in this extended cut of our humorous YouTube ad. If this video seems familiar, we know exactly how you feel. BreezeMaxWeb makes things simple with no hidden fees and honest service. We understand that you know what’s best for your own business, and we want you to start saving today on marketing and advertising services. Don’t end up paying for anything you don’t need to.

Google Partners

Check out our President and CEO Andrew Faridani make a cameo appearance at the Google Partners Launch in Toronto, Canada. Excitement was in the air as more than 300 representatives from marketing agencies across the country gathered to celebrate the first Google partners launch in Canada. BreezeMaxWeb is part of this global initiative to partner with Google in order to help small and medium-sized businesses get the recognition they deserve online.

Google Advertising – First Page of Google – In 48 Hrs.

We guarantee your company will appear on the very first page of Google® which controls 80% of searches in North America. We help local businesses to get seen on the internet. Your advert is only seen by people actually looking for what you offer. They are looking for your product/services – there’s no advertising waste.

BreezeMaxWeb offers Video Advertising

In order to attract your target audience, video ads are the best tools to use, in terms of cost effectiveness. As a Google partner, BreezeMaxWeb offers video advertising services on YouTube that work to increase your business’ exposure. With YouTube video advertising, you can start reaching your target audience on a mass scale that you never thought possible.

BreezeMaxWeb offers Google Advertising

A vast majority of all mobile devices use Google as their native web browser. Today, mobile search ads are of critical importance to any company. If your company doesn’t have a mobile search advertising strategy or a mobile advertising plan, get started with BreezeMobile® to insure your competitive edge.

BreezeMaxWeb offers Display Marketing

BreezeBanner would offer you the most productive digital billboard display advertising. It would offer maximum exposure to the target audience by placing your ads on the most frequently visited websites.

416 Wheels and Tires

Hear from 416 Wheels and Tires, one of our clients in Mississauga that has seen growth in their business since deciding to partner with us. This automotive business in Mississauga has managed to continuously bring in new customers despite being a primarily seasonal business. They attribute this success to their own hard work and dedication, and improvements in their online marketing. BreezeMaxWeb has helped 416 Wheels and Tires reach the front page of Google for specific keywords, bringing in more customers through effective and strategic SEO.

SK Automotive

How can an automotive business in Oakville reach more customers in today’s digital day and age? Through effective online marketing from BreezeMaxWeb! Hear from Dale Squires of SK Automotive about how partnering with BreezeMaxWeb helped his business grow in more ways than one. From a significant increase in customer inquiries to being on the front page of Google for specific keywords, SK Automotive is a BreezeMaxWeb success story that showcases exactly what an effective digital marketing strategy can do for your business.


Dr. Matthew Saturnino owns and operates Chiroplus Chiropractic and Rehab in Vaughn, Ontario, and has seen considerable growth in his clinic’s online presence as well as an increase in new patients since partnering with BreezeMaxWeb. Dr. Saturnino is just one of the countless business-owners who understand the importance of online marketing in today’s digital world. By choosing BreezeMaxWeb, ChiroPlus has seen an increased online presence with a spot on the front page of Google for specific keywords. The future is bright at ChiroPlus!

Grand Oak Lawn and Landscape

Hear from Grand Oak Lawn and Landscape, a family-owned lawn care and landscaping business in the GTA that has seen exponential growth since partnering with BreezeMaxWeb. Like many small and medium sized businesses, Grand Oak Lawn and Landscaping was missing out on opportunities to reach more customers through effective online marketing. BreezeMaxWeb helped them to improve their website, rank better on Google, and build a larger client base. Grand Oak Lawn and Landscaping is a great example of what can be achieved for your business when you choose to work with BreezeMaxWeb!

Coverall Roofing

Listen to Coverall Roofing – one of BreezeMaxWeb clients based in Mississauga, Ontario. Apart from doing banners and flyers on people’s front lawns, most of their advertising is done online. Like many small to medium sized businesses, they were realizing the importance of a strong online presence in order to attract customers. They heard of BreezeMaxWeb through a recommendation from a friend and they attribute their growing online success to their partnership with us. BreezeMaxWeb helped Coverall Roofing rank on the front page of google through effective digital marketing and SEO tactics.

Lift Physiotherapy

Lift Physiotherapy is a real SEO success story. Being a smaller-sized and new business, Lift was having trouble getting their name out there and attracting clients. That all changed when they decided to partner with BreezeMaxWeb! Since signing on as a client with BreezeMaxWeb, Lift has seen their website grow significantly, going from the 8th or 9th page of Google all the way to the first! They credit this success to the efforts of the SEO team at BreezeMaxWeb, and are now seeing more customers that found them online walking through their doors than they ever have before.

Contact Pest Control

Contact Pest Control was at a bit of a loss when it came to online marketing and optimizing their website. As a result, they were missing out on reaching new customers and making their website easier to find on Google. Working with BreezeMaxWeb, Contact Pest Control had their issues narrowed down and proper solutions were put into play. Through effective SEO, Contact Pest Control’s website moved up in the ranks of Google, giving them more exposure and drawing more clients to their services. Contact Pest Control is a shining example of what can be achieved when a small to medium-sized business that is just starting out develops an effective digital strategy.

Introducing Our New Headquarters

BreezeMaxWeb is excited to announce that we will be opening a new office in Toronto in March of
2018! This new, corporately-owned office is a milestone in the growth of our company and will see two
offices merge into one, bringing our team of professional employees together in order to better serve
our clients and improve our operations.

We intend to turn this space into a powerhouse of digital strategy and innovative thinking, and in doing
so put forth maximum effort in the devotion we show to each and every one of our clients. We believe
in investing in ourselves in order to better our company and work towards the goals we strive to achieve
every day, and this new location is going to help us continue to do just that.

Bob’s Retirement Party

It was a night of appreciation and celebration for the career of Bob Bryntwick, BreezeMaxWeb’s Vice President of Business Development. With his years of hard work and dedication, Bob has been an invaluable member of our leadership team since the beginning and we are going to miss him immensely. Held at Boutique Meals in Toronto, Bob’s surprise retirement party was a night of fun, laughs, and memories for the BreezeMaxWeb team. Check out some the night’s best highlights including the moment we surprised Bob!

triOS College

Hear from Lynda Eng, the Director of triOS College’s Toronto campus who has been a long-time friend of BreezeMaxWeb. A number of triOS College graduates have gone on to obtain internships and ultimately full time jobs at BreezeMaxWeb, making them one of our most valuable partners. Our partnership with triOS College has grown to a point where we now work with them as one of our clients, using effective digital marketing tactics to help them reach more young minds that are eager to enter the exciting world of technology.

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