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BreezeMaxWeb Mobile Revolution: Experience Your City

On any given day, we look at our mobile phones over 150 times. Check out our latest video on the journey many of us take while searching for every day items, and how businesses can position their products or service to these buyers.

BreezeMaxWeb Digital Events Preview

Join us as we host digital events (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) across the country for small to medium sized businesses. Educating businesses on the power of Google Advertising is one of the many ways BreezeMaxWeb reaches out to the local communities in which they serve.

Company Profile

Take an inside look at BreezeMaxWeb®‘s team and operations.

Client Testimonials

See what actual BreezeMaxWeb® clients have to say about working with the industry leader BreezeMaxWeb.®

BreezeMaxWeb® YouTube Ad

A humorous approach to all the different types advertising options out there in the market. We know how you feel LOL.

BreezeMaxWeb® YouTube Ad (Extended Cut)

A humorous approach to all the different types advertising options out there in the market. We know how you feel LOL.

Google Partners

Check out our President and CEO – Andrew Faridani – make a cameo appearance at the Google Partners Launch in Toronto, Canada.

Google Advertising – First Page of Google – In 48 Hrs.

We guarantee your company will appear on the very first page of Google® which controls 80% of searches in North America. We help local businesses to get seen on the internet. Your advert is only seen by people actually looking for what you offer. They are looking for your product/services – there’s no advertising waste.

BreezeMaxWeb offers Video Advertising

In order to attract your target audience, video ads are the best tools to use, in terms of cost effectiveness.

BreezeMaxWeb offers Google Advertising

A vast majority of all mobile devices use Google as their native web browser. Today, mobile search ads are of critical importance to any company. If your company doesn’t have a mobile search advertising strategy or a mobile advertising plan, get started with BreezeMobile® to insure your competitive edge.

BreezeMaxWeb offers Display Marketing

BreezeBanner would offer you the most productive digital billboard display advertising. It would offer maximum exposure to the target audience by placing your ads on the most frequently visited websites.

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