Boost with Facebook


Social media team members from BreezeMaxWeb took part in Boost with Facebook, where they sharpened their digital advertising skills.

Surrounded by local and small business owners at Evergreen Brick Works, Rebecca Kagzi, Bincy Elamatha and Kush Rathod learned more about understanding ad insights, creative best practices, managing a page, using messenger for business and other advanced tools.

Advertising on Facebook is a relatively straightforward process, but the method a business chooses will vary depending on its niche and goals.

Facebook speakers, all of who had local and small businesses of their own, suggest starting campaigns with the goal of awareness then consideration and, finally, the end goal of conversion.

"I didn't realize Ads Manager has an actual process funnel," said Kagzi. "A lot of people skip the first part of the funnel and go straight to conversion."

While every business wants conversions, it is necessary first to have brand awareness and consideration before people buy a product or service.

"Businesses try to do too much too quickly," said Elamatha. "It pays off to have a well thought out advertising plan over a longer period of time than to try to bombard people with your messaging all at once."

Posting ads on Facebook is a lot easier than on billboards or TV, but that does not mean businesses should spend less time crafting them. Content is key when it comes to getting people to notice an ad, which is why it is essential to take the time to produce content with high-quality images and clear, concise copy.

Social media used to be for entertainment and communicating with friends and family solely; now, people are increasingly using it to discover new brands and make purchases online. According to Facebook speakers, people still prefer to interact with accounts they follow informally regardless of if they are businesses or individuals they know personally.

"Most people who check Instagram check it casually," said Rathod. "It's important for businesses to know that and make their page more personal."

Advertising on Facebook is so much more than merely listing the details of your products or services; it's about forming an authentic connection with the people who would benefit the most from your business. While these workshops were an excellent opportunity to understand better how to advertise on Facebook, brands would still benefit from professional marketers that know how to make the most of these tools.

At BreezeMaxWeb, we take the time to understand every aspect of your brand to develop a campaign that will get you results. Our team stays on the forefront of digital marketing advancements because it's what we strive to be the best at and, that way, you can continue to focus on what you're best at.

When local businesses grow, the communities that they serve benefit as well. With more than 90 million small and medium businesses on the platform, the impact Facebook can have is immense.

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