Automated Mobile Messaging Software

Proper communication and timely service are key to business success. No matter what your business is, missed appointments, no-shows, cancellations and repeatedly rescheduled appointments can make you lose revenues. As mobile phone technology becomes increasingly popular, BreezemaxWeb constantly leverages the power of the device to keep you ahead in business.

BreezeAlerts is our automated mobile phone messaging software that helps you monitor and manage business or medical appointments by sending SMS & Text notifications to your customers to serve as reminders ahead of time.

The automated system helps you schedule and track appointments, streamline workflow, stay connected with your customers and appear more professional. Unlike phone call reminders, SMS and text messages are less intrusive. They are instantly picked up and responded to, unlike email reminders, hence serve best for the purpose, even when customers are on-the-go. BreezeAlerts allows you to send customized messages so your brand or business connects deeper, instantly. These time-sensitive reminders are effective for both individuals and groups. Integrate BreezeAlerts into your digital marketing strategy with Google Calendar, Apple iCloud etc. to upgrade your service and show that you care.

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