As a Yelp Advertising Partner, BreezeMaxWeb can optimize your presence on Yelp. No matter what size of business you run, you can greatly benefit from a Yelp page and run advertising campaigns on the website. With help from BreezeMaxWeb, we can leverage your ads to be seen in more prominent spots and on your competition’s pages, providing you with a better opportunity to gain new customers.

Yelp was named the #1 review site for finding local businesses by consumers. By utilizing this website, you can be seen by more people looking for the services that your business offers, and gain new customers as 79% of users go through with a purchase within a week of searching through Yelp.

Here are a few of the many benefits you can receive from BreezeFind:

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Focused Local Ads

If you provide services to your immediate community, it doesn’t make sense to have ads that run nation-wide. With Yelp ads, your business can be seen by local people who are searching for your services.

Better Ad Placements

With BreezeFind, your ads are going to appear at the top of relevant search result pages and on your competition’s business pages.

Better Analytics

Gain access to detailed traffic analytics to create more effective ads that convert new customers. This data can be viewed over a 24 month period.

Track User Engagement

BreezeFind allows you to see how people interact with your business on Yelp. You can see if somebody has called your business, mapped out directions to your location, and browsed your website after finding it on Yelp.

Enhanced Business Profiles

As a Yelp Advertising Partner, we can enhance your business page with dedicated features, including picture slideshows, a place to add a promotional video, and a call to action button to attract potential customers to your website. Another benefit you are going to receive from an enhanced profile is that your competition’s ads are not going to appear on your page.

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