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Information on the internet passes from computer to computer to reach the server at the destination. In the process, it is vulnerable to privacy breaches, malware and hackers. BreezeIT is the next generation SSL certified technology in cybersecurity solutions in e-commerce and email database setup. We provide advanced IT support services by providing updated plugins for extra security, strong malware detection software, full back-up as well as disaster recovery to help you get the most out of your website and cloud hosting.

If sensitive information on your website is not encrypted across the internet, hackers can access passwords, credit card information, social security numbers and other personal details. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification and connections allow e-commerce sites to protect sensitive data from hackers. It is essential for your website to be locked with SSL certification to protect yourself and your customers who share information with full trust in your services.

BreezeIT helps you keep sensitive information across the internet safe and encrypted so only the recipient you intend it for is able to access it. We help you keep network solutions and sites safe for both your staff and visitors to your website.

From server maintenance, facilitating cloud computing. GSuite installation, installing WordPress website security plugins like WordFence, see how our premium support services at BreezeIT keeps your business safe, secure and successful.

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