Show how active your website is by incorporating notifications when somebody adds a product to their cart, purchases your products, leaves a review, signs up for your newsletter or if you are having a flash sale to create urgency. With BreezeProof, you can easily customize which notifications you want to show up on your website, when they show up, and who can see them. BreezeProof is also compatible with any device and looks consistent whether you are browsing on your phone, tablet or computer.


Here is what you can do with BreezeProof:

Simple Setup

BreezeProof’s streamlined user-interface makes it easy for anybody to set up and use.

Seamless Integrations

BreezeProof is compatible with most WordPress plugins and many email marketing services.

Custom Design Options

We know how important your brand is, which is why we made it easy to customize the design of BreezeProof to match your style!

Real-Time Customer Activity

Show off real-time customer activity data from your eCommerce store.

Subscriber Activity

Connect BreezeProof with your mailing service and share who is joining your list.

Client Reviews

Use BreezeProof to display new client reviews the second they are written.

Sales Urgency

Set up flash sales or offers to create a sense of urgency to entice the customer to complete their purchase.

Conversion Tracking

BreezeProof allows you to track conversions with high-quality Google Analytics.

Choose Who to Target

Customize who can see the BreezeProof notifications at certain times and geographical areas.

Extensive User’s Manual

If you are a DIYer, our team has compiled a user’s manual so you can get BreezeProof ready on your own time.

Completely Responsive

BreezeProof is designed to translate well on every device.

Top-notch Technical Support

We take pride in our user-friendly products and we are happy to lend a helping hand.

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