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Automatically gain vital information from the potential clients who are visiting your website or social media feeds. BreezeTrack is our streamlined suite of tools and software that allows you to view various types of important analytical data, including website visitor trends, keyword searches, call tracking, and B2B tracking.

Once you have your data, you can use it to populate the client list your salesforce uses to contact potential buyers, improve your website's layout and functionality, and improve your keyword density to help rank higher on search engine results pages.

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On average, 98% of website visitors are known to drop out of a website and disappear. But it helps for you to know exactly who they are and devise strategies to lure them back. Gain vital details so you can contact these valuable visitors before your competitors do.

Access your website's analytics and stats in one easy to navigate report. Rather than going through multiple reports that only provide particular services, BreezeReports allows you to see all of your vital information in one place.

Considered the closest thing to eye tracking, we use 'heatmap' technology that helps us to visualize exactly how your visitors are navigating your site. Heatmapping reveals mouse patterns behind how users read and navigate the page, providing amazing insights into users' intent.

If you are not tracking where your customers come from, you do not know if your advertising is working. BreezeTag™ is embedded into your site to closely track which buttons on your site are being clicked on and which are not being used so that you can closely monitor exactly how your customers are interacting with your site.

BreezePix harnesses the power of your social media ad campaign into easily traceable and verified reports through the use of Pixels codes and Insight Tags, which are embedded onto a website.

Our user-friendly analytics and detailed tracking system allows you to accurately assess where your customers and phone calls are coming from. BreezeTrail has been vital in helping businesses assess their sales tactics and help to align the right person to control the phone lines.

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