BreezeAccess Is Here!


The team at BreezeMaxWeb is excited to announce that our new website accessibility product, BreezeAccess, is now available!

If you run a public-facing website in Ontario, you are required by law to ensure it complies with the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act. This means that your website must feature non-text content, like text-to-talk to read out content on your pages, videos and audio files, colour-blind mode and much more.

With BreezeAccess, a user-friendly interface is installed on your website that allows your visitors to change various elements of each web page. Some settings include changing the size of the font, changing the colour of the images and text, a read-only mode (getting rid of the images or GIFs), a visually impaired profile that enhances the visuals, and a blind users profile that allows your website to be read with a screen-reader.

There are a lot of options to choose from that allows everyone to fully utilize and understand your website. For a full example of how BreezeAccess works, simply press the button with the stick figure to the right of this page!

If you are interested in making your website more accessible, please contact one of our Media Consultants today for more information.

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