BreezeMaxWeb Attends Google Digital Training Day


Members of the BreezeMaxWeb team were in attendance recently at Google Digital Training Day, a Google training event that focused on expanding the understanding of different developments in the wide variety of Google services. The event included an overview of what Google is planning for machine learning and what it could mean for AdWords specialists, as well as information on automated AdWords features and their use in reporting, bidding, and smart display campaigns. There was also an introduction to scripts including a demonstration of how to effectively use them.

It was also an opportunity for the BreezeMaxWeb team to network with other industry AdWords specialists, as well as meet with several of Google's partners and lead managers in engineering. The team was also given a sneak peak at what Google is working on in terms of actionable insights, and there was even a special Galaxy Opportunity Challenge, a contest in which to apply new Google optimization practices. BreezeMaxWeb is grateful for this opportunity to learn and expand our digital marketing expertise as a Canadian Google Premiere Partner!

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