BreezeMaxWeb attends the Better Business Expo in Markham!


BreezeMaxWeb is always excited to attend and meet new people at the many Better Business Expos held across Ontario. Our latest venture was at the October Better Business Expo, which was held at the Markham Convention Centre on October 17th. Our team spent the day talking, learning from, and networking with the best Canadian business owners.

Bonnie Chung - Director of Performance, Eastern Ontario, Chris Meunier - VP of Sales and Marketing, and Cindy Sutton - Media Consultant, attended the Better Business Expo as representatives of BreezeMaxWeb. At the expo, they set up a dedicated booth that showed businesses a better way to manage their reputation through our popular new product, BreezeReview. A lot of attendees were extremely interested in BreezeReview because of how easy they were able to create and manage their account through a demo. The team spent the day talking about the importance of customer experience management and reputation management for a business.

Chris, Bonnie, and Cindy were also successful in promoting our 30 innovative digital marketing products and services that we offer.

We want to thank the Markham Better Business Expo and all the attendees for a great event. These expos are what generates new ideas and products so we can all provide the highest quality services to our clients!

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