BreezeMaxWeb Celebrates the Career of Bob Bryntwick


On Friday, November 3, 2017, BreezeMaxWeb threw a surprise retirement party in honour of Bob Bryntwick, the Vice President of Business Development. This party was a formal event that was graciously held by one of BreezeMaxWeb's clients, Boutique Meals in Toronto. With a Casino Royale inspired theme, the event was a big hit and a great and thankful surprise to Bob.

With lively music and a buffet style dinner, the entire company of BreezeMaxWeb mingled together and enjoyed the evening in celebration of Bob's lifetime achievements within the company. The President and CEO of BreezeMaxWeb, Andrew Faridani did a speech that regaled Bob on his influence in the company, and how he had helped shape BreezeMaxWeb into the innovative and growing company it is today - a leader above all others in this North American landscape of Online Media Experts. Thank you to Bob for your great contributions to BreezeMaxWeb!

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