BreezeMaxWeb Gets mSite Certified


On August 8, 2017, the web developers at BreezeMaxWeb arrived at Google Headquarters in downtown Toronto to network among digital marketing experts and to attend a workshop to get mSite certified. This Mobile Sites workshop will ensure that the web developers will understand and be able to implement all the practices that go into creating and measuring mobile sites. BreezeMaxWeb aims to stay on top of the developing trends in digital marketing today by implementing their digital marketing tactics across all interfaces.

The web developers in attendance came out of this one-day workshop proficient in all aspects of mobile site development. The workshop expanded on the importance of going mobile in the digital marketing world today and how to create an efficient, user friendly mobile site with the most recent and advanced technologies available to them. Those who finished the workshop and passed the exam were given an official Google mSite Certification. BreezeMaxWeb is thankful and privileged to have been a part of this one-day workshop and are eager to cater to their clients with the very best tools that the digital marketing field as to offer.

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