BreezeMaxWeb Introduces The Vaccine Victory Program


There is light at the end of the tunnel for the COVID-19 pandemic, but we must remain vigilant to ensure we stop the spread of the virus as safely as possible. With the announcement that Ontario will soon be opening up vaccines to everybody 18 and older in the coming weeks, BreezeMaxWeb set up the Vaccine Victory Program to support every member of our team when it’s their turn to get a vaccine.

In an email sent April 30th, Vishal Nanchahal, the COO at BreezeMaxWeb, stated:

“As you may know, the provincial vaccination campaign to protect Canadians against Covid-19 has been ongoing for about 5 months now. Starting next week those of us that live in hot spots throughout the GTA will be eligible for a vaccine, and during the month of May, the age cut-off will go down to 18+ for all others across the province.

I would like to encourage everyone to book their vaccination slot asap, ultimately the choice is yours, but the emphasis and compassion is on our team's safety, health and wellbeing. With that said for those of you who are interested in getting vaccinated for your protection and others around you, we will be instituting a Vaccine Victory Program.

In this program, the agency will pay all staff while they are getting vaccinated which includes travel time to and from the vaccine clinic. This means you do not have to worry or stress about making up time or selecting a time slot to get vaccinated. I implore everyone to take the first available time that they are offered on the vaccine booking portal regardless of whether or not it is during office hours.

The HR department is ready to take your requests for time away from the business for a Vaccine Victory. I thank and appreciate you for all that you have done for the country, businesses and the agency throughout the pandemic. We look forward to regaining our freedom and the peace of mind we're keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe from this vicious virus.”

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