Lower (or Reduce) cancellation and no-shows. Keep track of and manage future appointments.

Easily set up times for each staff member across multiple locations.

Specify each service, including the price and the staff member who will provide each service.

The automated system helps you schedule and track appointments, streamline workflow, stay connected with your customers and provide a seamless brand experience.

Automated & fully customizable SMS text messages are less intrusive than a phone call.

Create new, customized alerts on an easy-to-operate interface. Save valuable business time and money by cutting down no-shows, cancellations, midday phone calls and late entry.

On-the-go: Instant responses, unlike email reminders, BreezeAlert® allows you to send customized messages, so your brand or business connects deeper instantly. These time-sensitive reminders are effective for both individuals and groups.

Serve and track dozens of clients throughout the day, perfect for health & wellness centres, law firms, businesses, etc.

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Easily text Customers to request a review right after the appointment. Unlimited, customizable texts or emails.

Front-line staff can quickly and effectively request a review on the desired review site, along with an option for feedback. The customer receives a customized message from your business. Customers can reply with just a few taps on their phones.

A complete review system that empowers businesses to provide top-notch customer experiences. Easy-to-use interface, timely software upgrades, custom messaging and images.

Intercept Negative Reviews; Get a personal, Local reputation management specialist.

Most people will forget to submit a review when they get home from an establishment. BreezeReview® is a review streamlined review request process that can achieve instant results.

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Automate review requests; Populate your emailing list with each new lead and prospect that has interacted with your brand across websites and platforms.

Streamline your marketing campaign: Automatically send your marketing collateral (PDF, images, etc.) immediately to the inbox of the person who just signed up or booked an appointment.

Automatically mine essential customer data for your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), including names, phone numbers and emails. When paired with Breezesuite®, your growing mailing list will automatically send the latest news and product sales, creating a higher ROI as you reach more potential buyers.

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