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BreezeTact is here…for Everyone!
BreezeMaxWeb is excited to announce that the free basic version of our newest product, BreezeTact is now available for anyone to use! BreezeTact is designed to optimize your business' mobile site for maximum customer conversions. Customers will be able to connect with your business more easily through the use of three helpful buttons that BreezeTact places at the bottom of the screen on your mobile device. When tapped, the first button instantly dials the phone number of your business for easy contact between yourself and potential customers. The second button allows a potential customer to easily contact your business via email. The third and final button is optional and can be customized to the individual needs of your business. The options are tailored and include features such as helping the user to easily locate your business on a map and provide directions to it, or allowing the user to book an appointment directly online and many more options that are geared towards conversions for your business!

Which version will you choose?
ow available to anyone, the free basic version of BreezeTact is designed to increase conversions by allowing you to use split testing. Split testing is a feature that allows you to customize the colour of each of the three buttons and see what works better. Colour customization allows for you to choose colours that stand out more, or colours that identify more with your business. Split testing is a handy feature that is great to experiment with and will help you get an edge when it comes to keeping the attention of customers browsing your products and services on their mobile devices.

The premium version of BreezeTact is only available to BreezeMaxWeb’s clients and offers much more customization and features. In addition to the split testing feature, the premium version takes customization even further with the ability to remove one or more buttons should you feel they are not getting you as many clicks as you’d like. The premium version of BreezeTact also comes with a click counting feature which keeps track of how many clicks each button is receiving, making it easier to determine if your specific customizations are having a positive or negative effect.

Our basic BreezeTact plan is free and provides you with a limited yet still effective way to increase your conversion rate optimization. The premium version of BreezeTact is the way to go in order to maximize the product’s potential, and you can get the premium version for just $19.99. BreezeTact Premium is included free for all of our BreezeQuest clients. Your website will need to be powered by WordPress in order to use BreezeTact.

Increase your CRO
BreezeTact is an extremely useful tool for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), making it easier for visitors to your business’ mobile site to contact you in an effective way! This helps to turn them into real customers. Online transactions are more popular than ever today, and BreezeTact can help your business do more to boost its online sales and bottom line. Increasing CRO is just one of the many advantages of effective and professional digital marketing services, all of which BreezeMaxWeb specializes in. The more potential customers you have making more of an effort to contact your business and inquire about your products or services, the better chance you have of making sales and gaining new clients; this results in more revenue and a big boost to meeting your bottom line.

The majority of our BreezeQuest clients’ mobile websites have been embedded with BreezeTact at no charge. BreezeMaxWeb’s progressive-thinking client enablement R&D department has made this possible and we’re proud to have given our clients a first mover advantage over their competition with our aggressive focus on CRO.

Innovation at its best
AtBreezeMaxWeb, we are constantly innovating with new ideas, products, and strategies. We aim to serve each and every one of our clients to the best of our abilities, and BrezeTact is just the latest among many examples of our hard work and dedication to achieving this goal. Our team is proud to make BreezeTact available to both businesses that have partnered with us as clients and those still looking into developing an effective digital strategy. BreezeMaxWeb can help your business to reach more potential customers and turn them into official customers with not only BreezeTact, but each and every one of our other products and services. To find out how you can take your business further in more ways than one, contactBreezeMaxWeb today.

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