BreezeView is now available on the WordPress Repository


Your Google Reviews are great for showcasing how other people love your business, and they fortify your position against competitors. The problem that some companies face is that their Google Reviews are hard to find; if somebody can’t see their reviews, can they really be trusted? Reviews can make or break the decision that somebody makes before determining if they want to use a certain service or company. Stop getting lost in the shuffle by putting your Google Reviews directly on your website!

Introducing the BreezeView Plugin!
The team at BreezeMaxLabs have worked countless hours over the past few months to create and implement a new WordPress Plugin called BreezeView. BreezeView allows website owners to add a “Powered by Google” button that, when clicked, allows visitors to view the company’s 5-star ratings and reviews. When the button is clicked, a slide out window will appear from the right side of the screen and it will display every 5-star review that other people have written on Google Reviews. To close the Google Review window, you simply click the big blue “X” in the window or click on the “Powered by Google” button again.

How to Install BreezeView to your Website
Installing the BreezeView plugin to your website is incredibly easy! All you have to do is download the file off of the BreezeMaxWeb WordPress Plugin page, upload it to your plugin directory, activate the plugin by going to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress, and that’s it! You will see the “BreezeView Interface” tab on the left side. From there, you will set up your Place ID and enter your Google API Key in order to gather up all of your 5-star ratings on Google Reviews.

Why you need to get the BreezeView Plugin
Good reviews are important to have on display, especially in today’s online world. In fact, over 90% of potential customers will read reviews online before they make the choice of visiting the business or not. Online reviews are becoming more reliable than personal recommendations because they get to see what multiple people say about a company rather than a few friends or family members.

Displaying your 5-star reviews on your website is a great idea because potential customers will be able to see your reviews when they stumble upon your site through a Google search. For example, if you are ranking high for your specific keywords, a customer will be more inclined to click on your link that is ranking high, click on the BreezeView button, and see all of the 5-star reviews you have received over the years. This could be the stepping stone that a customer needs to start browsing more of your site and what you have to offer, something they may not have done if they hadn’t seen the reviews about your company first!

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