Burlington Pest Control has been fighting pests and infestations in the Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, and Mississauga areas for over 30 years. Their experienced technicians provide high quality service in a professional manner each and every time. Burlington Pest Control also has 24/7 emergency service, meaning you won't be at a loss when dealing with a pest problem. Dedication and friendly service are what has earned Burlington Pest Control a great reputation for success.


Before becoming a client of BreezeMaxWeb's, Burlington Pest Control was dealing with the following issues:

  • A lack of effective digital advertising was causing them to fall behind their competitors.
  • Their ranking on Google was far from the front page, meaning they were not reaching as many potential clients online as they could have been.


Burlington Pest Control was in need of a new online strategy to help direct more traffic to their company website and start building a bigger client base. Being in the business for over 30 years means that advertising methods and strategies have changed since the Burlington Pest Control's beginnings, and they were in need of a digital helping hand. A complete overhaul of their website was in order, with user friendliness being the main focus. In November of 2016, Burlington Pest Control signed on with BreezeMaxWeb and our work began.


After BreezeMaxWeb's SEO specialists analyzed their website and traffic reports, it was concluded that Burlington Pest Control required the following solutions to better improve their online presence:

  • The large size of their website needed to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
  • There needed to be better call to actions, seeing as pest control is a mobile service that comes directly to the client.
  • The website needed effective SEO work including the use of keywords and small changes that allowed it to be more Google-friendly.

Execution Strategy

Our first move was to transform the old website into a new, user-friendly, and eye-catching site that potential customers would be pleased to visit, and we did so by:


Adding a new header that was designed to be functional on all types of devices.


Moving various elements around to optimize homepage content.


Creating and adding new content to the website including blog posts.


Tweaking certain elements of the website including image sizes and the website's coding..


The results were immediate, with Burlington Pest Control's ranking climbing over 20 spots on Google overnight. Our SEO team gathered plenty of conversion data, allowing us to gauge the number of site visitors turned customers. Their rankings have remained high and show no signs of dropping, and website traffic is increasing each week thanks to the ongoing efforts of our SEO team.

The keyword rankings for Burlington Pest Control have risen significantly since signing on with BreezeMaxWeb. In a span of less than 2 months, keywords have gone from the 45th position on the 5th page of Google, all to the way to the 8th spot on the first page.

Burlington Pest Control saw an increase in page views overtime, with 500 per month at the start of their SEO campaign and close to 1500 per month as recently as August 2017. The pie charts compare the top ways in which new clients were acquired , and we see an increase in acquisitions through paid search, thanks to a successful Google AdWords campaign.

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