Canadian Business Review Board Votes BreezeMaxWeb® As One of the Best Businesses In Canada for 2022


We are pleased to announce our approval for the CBRB (Canadian Business Review Board) "Best Businesses in Canada 2022" award! Our team is full of talented individuals who work hard each day to help our clients succeed, and it is always exciting when our work is recognized.

To qualify as a CBRB Best Business in Canada 2022, our company must adhere to high standards of client satisfaction.

After all, in the industry of Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Business Consulting, client satisfaction and results are paramount.

Who is the Canadian Business Review Board?

The CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc. was developed by a group of private investors that wanted to highlight the companies operating on moral principles and high-quality standards for their work.

Dedication to helping others achieve their goals and delivering a positive experience for clients and customers is the best approach to sustainable business growth.
Companies who are long-standing allies and partners within local business communities provide a lasting positive impact through their work. This award has become a symbol of customer satisfaction across Canada, and the CBRB works hard to promote quality businesses that have been vetted rigorously.

Quality Assurance

Throughout 2022 and 2023, the CBRB aims to provide Canadians with a list of reputable, verified businesses. This process ensures that new Business-to-Business partnerships and relationships are established with only the best companies committed to quality service.

To qualify, we have to uphold and maintain a 4+ star review rating across public review channels while demonstrating our commitment to:

  • Strong Vision for Business Growth & Development

  • Customer-Centred Focus in All Our Work

  • Client Satisfaction in Each Initiative

  • Business Leadership Through Educating and Helping Others

Thank You to CBRB, Staff and Clients

We would like to thank the Canadian Business Review board for recognizing our work. Also, thank you to our leadership, support team, staff members and, most of all, our valued customers for trusting us to help transform your business!

We look forward to our continued success throughout the end of 2022 and are poised to enhance our positive impact as we all forge a path into an exciting 2023.

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