We do a lot advertising and started using BreezeTrail™ Analytics to track our results from the ads we're doing with BreezeMaxWeb®. We found that BreezeMaxWeb®'s program was the most ROI intensive in terms of where we are spending our marketing budget. It's great to know what works and what doesn't. 

Cheryl Hendriks
Vice President, Willow Park Estates + Wines


Track your marketing competently with 24/7 access to BreezeMaxWeb®'s proprietary software BreezeTrail™. Our user friendly analytics and detailed tracking system allows you to accurately assess where your customers and phone calls are coming from. Call tracking lets you know who's calling you and records every single phone call for your perusal. BreezeTrail has been monumental helping businesses assess their sales tactics and help to align the right person to man the phone lines.

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