Established in 2005, CARAHS is an Ontario Ministry of Labour approved training provider for the Working at Heights program. The company offers health and safety training to educate all levels of industry.


CARAHS needed to fill classes to generate revenue, however because they did not have a marketing plan, their safety training services had few sign-ups resulting in stagnant revenue. They were relying on the government's Ministry of Labour website and word of mouth advertising to help generate interest and new clients.


Since CARAHS had no current knowledge about digital advertising, they needed professional support and advice on how to increase the popularity of its training services in order.

Execution Strategy

The SEM manager from BreezeMaxWeb performed an in-depth analysis relating to certain key phrases and words, as well as the company's peak-time period online. A scheduled campaign was created to perform at every peak period, which was both cost-effective and cost-efficient. The set up for the AdWord campaign was fast and convenient. Within two weeks, CARAHS was able to review weekly reports to help them improve their search areas.


CARAHS was able to fill in classes 6 days a week. Two months after seeing value with their successful campaign with BreezeMaxWeb, CARAHS decided to increase their marketing budget. Deciding on a display and YouTube campaign, CARAHS engaged their target audience across the display network, turning viewers into customers each day!

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