At BreezeMaxWeb, we're all about helping other companies reach new heights and provide great services within the community. As a part of our Community Digital Grant Program, Ontario's Lake Country has been providing an array of events and activities year-round within Simcoe County. Only an hour outside of northern Toronto, it's one of Ontario's most scenic regions.

Ontario's Lake Country covers Orillia, Oro-Medonte, Ramara, Rama and Severn; gorgeous districts that are the center points for the endless number of activities available for all lake country visitors. The non-profit organization will never leave you bored, as they offer amazing outdoor recreational ventures like skiing, mountain biking, water sports, hiking trails, community events and more. In the heat of summer or the dead of winter, nothing will be able to distract from the beauty of the sparkling lakes, rivers and surrounding landscapes of this lake country.

Ontario's Lake Country also offer packages to make your adventure here all the more memorable. From purely recreational packages for adventure seekers to relaxing getaway spa treatments, there's something for everyone. BreezeMaxWeb is honoured to support such an organization that treasures community experiences above all else.

Bringing joy to those in need is the best gift to receive during the holidays...

"Thank you so much to you and your team!!! The kids had a wonderful Christmas, thanks to you!!! You are so kind and generous and your efforts will not be forgotten!!! Thank you and God bless!!!"

Linda Babin, Manager of Women Shelter of Peel

We were so touched when we received this email from Linda dropping off the toys we collected for the Women Shelter of Peel. Our generous and thoughtful team members at BreezeMaxWeb collectively donated $2,000 worth of toys to help many families this holiday season.

As a chance to show our appreciation to those who volunteer their time and dedication to help out at the Women Shelter of Peel, our management team donated two pairs of Toronto Raptors tickets for them to enjoy.

Thank you all for participating in this year's Toy Drive! We are looking to donate even more toys next year as our team expands. Look out for more of our charity drives throughout 2019 to see how you can get involved with giving back to our lovely community!

I-TRAN, the International Tamil Refugee Assistance Network, is an international non-profit that works with host countries around the world to help provide better lives, circumstances, and futures for Tamil refugees. Their mission is to advocate for, relieve poverty and facilitate access to health care, nutrition, and education for Tamil refugees who are living in cities throughout Southeast Asia and who are internally displaced due to war, unrest, conflicts, and poverty in Sri Lanka.

I-TRAN has received a Google grant to help spread their message to the masses. BreezeMaxWeb is so happy that we are partnering with I-TRAN thanks to this grant to create a brand new website and digital outreach campaign for them. At BreezeMaxWeb, we believe that we have a responsibility as a member of the global community to give back, and supporting I-TRAN and their missing to help those who are most vulnerable around the world is something that we hold dear. Through this partnership, we hope to give I-TRAN the tools and exposure they need to succeed and to help support and uplift Tamil refugees all over the world.


At BreezeMaxWeb, one of our biggest goals is to help local businesses thrive in their communities. With that in mind, it only makes sense that we partner with the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce!

The Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce is set up in Muskoka to represent local businesses to help them grow and to improve the economy in Bracebridge. Their main objectives include encouraging, developing, and supporting local businesses in Bracebridge, provide products and services to help these businesses network better, and provide leadership and education to help strengthen each business.

The Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based community. When a business or individual signs up, they will be provided with corporate benefits, educational forums, business development services, and being apart of a community that has the same goals in mind; providing the best business to the inhabitants of Bracebridge and to help the economy grow!

They host multiple events per month that help their members in all aspects of their business. Whether it’s hosting leadership and networking events, learning more about the business world, or focusing on future goals, the Chamber of Commerce is a staple for all businesses that run in Bracebridge.

When it comes to helping businesses within communities succeed, BreezeMaxWeb and the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce are on the same page. We are excited and honoured to be partnered with the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce, and we look forward to what we can do to help every local business in Bracebridge flourish!


Being a small business owner, or working on a small business team, can be a challenge. There are only a few dedicated members of the team that are pushing for your company’s success, and that success needs to happen each month for the doors to stay open. With all the stresses, trials, and the immense sacrifice that go into every day running of a small business, it is especially admirable when small businesses are also giving back to the community.

This endless dedication to the community is why BreezeMaxWeb wants to reward Canadian small businesses who take the time and energy to give back. Small business owners and employees put in long hours at work to prosper, and taking even more time out of their schedules to volunteer time, or taking money out of their profit margins to help out those who are in need, is worthy of recognition.

BreezeMaxWeb wants to recognize these acts of kindness with our Dream Big contest. Small businesses of one to three employees who have one location of business can apply to be the Dream Big winner, who will receive $10,00 worth of free services from BreezeMaxWeb to help their business flourish.

We believe that small businesses deserve a leg up, and so we hope that you will Dream Big with BreezeMaxWeb!


BreezeMaxWeb is donating $2000 to the Thornhill Rebels! BreezeMaxWeb recently donated $2000 in the form of a team sponsorship to the Thornhill Rebels, a youth hockey team in Thornhill, Ontario. The donation for the Atom team comes just in time for the 2017-2018 season, and we’ll be cheering on the Rebels the whole way!

More and more youth sports programs are having trouble finding the funding necessary to keep afloat, and this is partly due to the ever decreasing funding from big corporations. With the sense of community being depleted among these corporations, BreezeMaxWeb is proud to be there for our local communities and we look forward to seeing the changes our donation will potentially make in the Thornhill Community Hockey League. Go Rebels go!


BreezeMaxWeb Supports Canadian Olympic Athletes Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN Fund) is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to Canadian Olympic athletes. Athletes have to pay for various costs such as travelling to training camps, equipment and coaching. Contrary to popular belief, some of the athletes participating in individual sports do not have the means to accomplish their dreams without the assistance of public funding from generous and proud Canadians.

With the Winter Olympics approaching in 2018, CAN Fund strives to help these determined and talented athletes get the means to reaching their full potential at their sport and have a chance to proudly represent Canada in the upcoming Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. BreezeMaxWeb is proud and thankful to announce their support of Canadian Olympic athletes by donating their time, efforts and services to CAN Fund to help those driven Canadian athletes get one step closer to achieving their dreams.


Etobicoke Track and Field Club, often referred to as 'Etobicoke Track', is one of the most successful and dynamic track & field clubs in the country. Their mission is to create and provide an environment that develops young athletes, helping them achieve their ultimate performance and personal growth potential. The club has a long history of athletic participation in events of all sizes from the local championships to the Olympic Games. BreezeMaxWeb is proud to partner with and support Etobicoke Track with their website and marketing in order to gain important exposure for an important cause.

A non-profit organization that is run by committed and positive volunteers, Tricity Iranian Mini Soccer Festival strives to provide a healthy and active lifestyle for children, youth, and adults through mini soccer tournaments and futsal program in the Tri-city area. Their main purpose is to gather as a community with kids in an encouraging, friendly atmosphere. BreezeMaxWeb is proud to support the Tricity Iranian Mini Soccer Festival by developing an online marketing strategy to create awareness of their initiatives.

What do you get when you combine pots of chili and Grey Cup Sunday? A fun way to raise money for the Salvation Army.

On Sunday, November 27th the Royal Oak on Victoria Street in Whitby, Ontario was filled with the aroma of eight different mouth watering pots of chili. The first annual Grey Cup Chili Cook-off and Fundraiser was under way.

Three judges sampled 8 small bowls of chili identified only by a number. The judges, Dale Russell world renowned guitar player from the Guess Who, Glenn Healey ex NHL goalie and TV announcer, and Niecy Dillon from the Rotary Club of Whitby ‐ Sunrise.

It was a tough competition. The sweat was pouring off the judges as they ate and rated each pot of chili. After three rounds of judging the finalists were chosen. (Rumour has it the judges just wanted to keep sampling the different chili recipes because they were all so good.)

Third prize a gift certificate to the Royal Oak went to local culinary queen, Jenaya Lumley owner of the Drunken Smoker your source for tasty treats ranging from original jams to smoking good jerky.

Second prize, a coupon for 50% off of an award winning wine kit and brewing experience from Winexpert Whitby went to Kim Court.

First prize, a Panasonic tablet and accessories donated by BreezeMaxWeb went to Errol Gee. (Who knew adding Amarone and dark chocolate to chili would be a good thing?)

After the contest bowls of chili were sold to the customers at the Royal Oak. All the money was donated to the Salvation Army in Whitby.

Why did BreezeMaxWeb donate a prize?

Supporting communities where we work is important to BreezeMaxWeb. We were asked to support the first of what will be an annual fund raiser for the Salvation Army in Whitby. One of our local media consultants asked if we could donate a prize and we were excited and happy to support the Salvation Army.


South Asian Women's Centre is a voluntary non-profit women’s organization run by South Asian Women. The purpose of the organization is to increase self-awareness and empower women to develop their social and cultural potential. As a Leading Online Media Solutions Company, we have teamed up with the voluntary non-profit organization to help them advertise their campaign at no cost. BreezeMaxWeb is jubilant to promote and assist our fellow members in the community. We hope that this partnership will help motivate others and lends empowerment to all organizations across the country.

In relation to promoting awareness, Inseyet Films produced a film titled, “Dowry.” The screenplay was well received and won an award as the Best Film in the NRI Category at the Delhi International Film Festival. Dowry depicts a life of two women living in an underprivileged South Asian family having an arranged marriage for one dowry. For more information please see http://inseyetfilms.com/index2.php. Inseyet Film is donating 10% of all proceeds to the South Asian Women's Centre and BreezeMaxWeb is in support of promoting awareness in the South Asian Women's community. As a partner, we hope this raises a good perception to all communities and lifts others globally.

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton and BreezeMaxWeb have signed an official agreement that will allow BreezeMaxWeb full handle and control of their Google online marketing strategy. This will enable Habitat for Humanity Edmonton the understanding and expertise they require from BreezeMaxWeb to spread awareness about Habitat for Humanity Edmonton’s mission! Habitat for Humanity Edmonton chose BreezeMaxWeb because of their professionalism when it comes to charities and not-for-profit organizations and the expertise they are already providing Habitat for Humanity GTA.

We're more than excited to begin this marketing campaign for Habitat for Humanity Edmonton and are working tirelessly to ensure the maximum amount of coverage and sustainability for this online marketing campaign and partnership.

BreezeMaxWeb is a proud member of Huntsville/Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce and is honoured to support their efforts in being the voice of business in Huntsville/Lake of Bays. As a Leading Online Media Solutions Company, We'll assist them in any way possible and continue promoting our fellow members in the community. Check out BreezeMaxWeb at a local business event near you and on the Huntsville Lake of Bays website because local is what we do.

Raindance Canada promotes and supports independent film making in Canada and around the world by providing and training film makers with various courses and networking events. Raindance Canada is the founder of the Raindance Film Festival and The British Independent Film Awards. BreezeMaxWeb welcomes Raindance Canada as a community member while continuing to provide online marketing solutions to help this growing organization leverage Canada-wide and International networks to promote and support independent filmmakers.

Among its family of partners, BreezeMaxWeb is proud to announce its newest partner: Cottager Deals. With summer in full gear, the cottage is a great Canadian escape. In order to make relaxing easier, Cottager Deals helps merchants advertise their business to cottagers through a click of a button. From antiques to transportation, Cottager Deals showcases local businesses and events on their accessible website platform. As a BreeezeMaxWeb Partner – Cottager Deals offers cutting edge media solutions tailored to their clients in Cottage Country.

BreezeMaxWeb is proud to announce its sponsorship at Rotary's 38th Annual Sgambati Golf Tournament in Burlington; a charitable event for the benefit of cancer related projects and Rotary charities. BreezeMaxWeb will be sponsoring a hole at the golf tournament to help support Sgambati's worthwhile charities and causes within their community. For more information, please visit: http://www.sgambatitournament.com/

The purpose of the West London Minor Hockey Association (WLMHA) is to organize, develop, and promote minor hockey for the youth of West London. WLMHA will strive to provide quality leadership at all levels, and to develop the understanding of teamwork and sportsmanship in an atmosphere of fun and positive reinforcement for all players and volunteers. The team is coached by BreezeMaxWeb's very own media consultant Scott Jarvie located in London. BreezeMaxWeb is a proud sponsor of the West London Hawks and supplier of the team jerseys, we welcome them as a part of our community and wish them the best of luck during the season.

Toronto Boca Juniors FC aims to provide elite soccer training to youth and also incorporate elements of social and academic support. Their programs are designed to offer an equal opportunity for families of all socioeconomic levels to participate and aims to keep their services accessible to everyone. Toronto Boca Juniors FC also places great emphasis on students maintaining strong academic standards. From this standpoint, students will be provided with academic support through different professional organizations in the community. BreezeMaxWeb is proud to announce the sponsorship of Toronto Boca Juniors FC and our efforts in helping to promote their cause. Keeping communities connected is part of BreezeMaxWeb's corporate mandate and responsibility to give back to all the communities it serves.

The Ontario Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (OAMFT) represents more than 900 of the most highly-trained and qualified therapists in Ontario who have specialized education and training in working with individuals, couples, and families. Our members meet rigorous standards among the highest in Ontario. BreezeMaxWeb is proud to announce that OAMFT will be a part of our community. BreezeMaxWeb will provide online marketing solutions to OAMFT to help continue their ongoing efforts in providing quality mental health professionals and relationship specialists.

BreezeMaxWeb is now a proud strong supporter of Fur Bearer Defender's cause to protecting wild life fur-bearing animals. An allocation of up to $10,000 per month is provided to their marketing initiative via BreezeMaxWeb and Google. The entire digital online marketing campaign will be entrusted to BreezeMaxWeb to help spread awareness of wildlife cruelty among Fur-Bearing animals.

Habitat for Humanity GTA and BreezeMaxWeb sign an official agreement that will allow BreezeMaxWeb a full handle and control of their Google online marketing strategy. Thus enabling Habitat for Humanity GTA the know how and expertise they require from BreezeMaxWeb to spread awareness about Habitat for Humanity GTA's mission! Habitat for Humanity GTA chose BreezeMaxWeb from 3 other competitors for this need due to their competence and professionalism when it comes to charities and not-for-profit organizations. BreezeMaxWeb believes in helping and servicing the communities in which they offer their service hence we're more than excited to get this new marketing campaign for Habitat for Humanity GTA started. With continued guidance and consulting for Habitat for Humanity GTA, BreezeMaxWeb will work tirelessly to ensure the maximum amount of coverage and sustainability on this online marketing campaign.

The Olive Branch of Hope is a non-profit charitable organization that provides hope and encouragement to individuals and families with cancer while striving to become the leading resource service offering culturally diverse support and programs for individuals and families living with cancer. BreezeMaxWeb welcomes The Olive Branch of Hope as a community member while continuing to provide online marketing solutions to their cause in supporting individuals and families with cancer.

Girls Incorporated of York Region is a non-profit youth organization that is dedicated to empowering girls and young women to seek the highest quality of life possible. BreezeMaxWeb welcomes Girls Inc. as a community member and provides online marketing solutions to help their goals of empowering girls through gender specific programming to be strong, smart, and bold.

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada – An annual tradition that stretches beyond a decade Mike Paxton's Annual Golf Tournament for The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada is an event the BreezeMaxWeb team attends on an annual basis. This is largely due to the fact Mike Paxton is a Media Consultant for BreezeMaxWeb in the GTA West Region. Mike has dedicated his time on a yearly basis for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada to put on this marvellous golf tournament that consists of some professional and not so professional golfers.

CNIB – BreezeMaxWeb was honoured to be a part of, and invited to the annual CNIB golf tournament in May of 2012. It was a fantastic day to bring awareness to such an important issue that CNIB strives for everyday on behalf of the visually impaired!BreezeMaxWeb's President & CEO (Andrew Faridani) took part in the silent auction for a vintage David "The Hammer" Schultz Philadelphia Flyers hockey jersey. As you'll see in the picture you can clearly conclude who the winner of "The Hammer" jersey was.

Woods Homes – Wood's Homes is a multi-service, non-profit children's mental health centre based in Calgary. With a staff of 400, they provide 34 programs and services for at-risk children, youth and their families in Calgary, Lethbridge, Canmore, Strathmore, Fort McMurray and Fort Smith, N.W.T. BreezeMaxWeb was instrumental in championing for a grant on behalf of Woods Homes to help spread the message of their mission statement – "To promote and assist the development and well-being of children, youth and families within their community." BreezeMaxWeb has been a strong supporter and supplier of online media solutions to woods homes from the start and will be by their side until the ultimate mission is complete!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel – In November of 2011 our VP of Sales put out a challenge to the entire BreezeMaxWeb sales team, which included all of our Directors of Sales and Media Consultants. His challenge to the team was straightforward and consisted of 3 toys being awarded to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel for every new client the sales team brought on board for the next 6 weeks. At the end of the challenge, the sales team delivered stellar numbers which resulted in over 100 happy children. In this picture you will see the BreezeMaxWeb executive team dropping off the gifts at the Big Brother Big Sisters of Peel Head Office in Brampton, ON for distribution to those in need.

In order of appearance from left to right you will see our President & CEO (Andrew Faridani), Director of Sales – Eastern Ontario (Bill Burgess), VP of Business Development (Bob Bryntwick), Director of Sales – Central Ontario (Scott Schlussler), VP of Sales (Vishal Nanchahal) & a representative from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel accepting BreezeMaxWeb's generous and thoughtful donation.

Princess Margaret Hospital (Doves™ of Hope Campaign) BreezeMaxWeb was privileged to work on this wonderful and inspiring cause thought up by Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, ON. BreezeMaxWeb managed the online SEM campaign for the Dove's of Hope Charity during the fall and winter months of 2011. Through our strategic network of industry partners in media we were able to collaborate with a partner agency in bringing cutting edge technology to SEM solutions powered by BreezeNet.

Aphasia Institute - The Aphasia Institute approached BreezeMaxWeb in need of a unique idea they could utilize to thank their donors for their generous support. BreezeMaxWeb did what we do best, we decided to help out with this not so apparent cause. Aphasia is an acquired disorder caused by damage to the brain through either stroke, brain tumour or a brain injury. People with aphasia may experience difficulty communicating and expressing themselves with the world around them. Hence BreezeMaxWeb designed colourful and thoughtful bookmarkers and provided them to the Aphasia Institute at no cost. We received tremendous positive feedback and appreciate the dedication of those that serve others bring to this world.

CrisisPregCentre.org – The Crisis Pregnancy Centre is affiliated with the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) and has been serving the Markham-Stouffville region since May 1991. The Pregnancy Centre is comprised of staff and volunteers who have received training in crisis support. The staff has a deep commitment and care for each individual and her needs. The support is not a substitute for professional counselling. BreezeMaxWeb has been a donor and supporter via their online media solutions platform to the crisis pregnancy centre since late 2010. BreezeMaxWeb was the brain and engine behind an online marketing campaign to bring mainstream awareness to this issue. At BreezeMaxWeb community is important, as without it there would be nothing but an empty road of loneliness leading to nowhere!

BreezeMaxWeb has been passionate about helping businesses grow, either through our innovative digital strategies or through the organizations and causes we choose to support. We are extremely proud to be associated as a Sponsor with the esteemed Muskoka Founders Circle, a group of Muskoka’s most influential business owners and professionals who harbingered the idea of ‘meaningful contribution to the community’ by dedicating their time, money, energy and resources towards the community. Their initiatives have stemmed from the philosophy that economic development not just the responsibility of the government, but also that of businesses and individuals.

As a company who has been passionate about helping businesses grow through innovative digital advertising strategies and community undertakings, BreezeMaxWeb constantly strives to make sure that while our business side excels, our social responsibility of giving back to the society also stays honoured. Through this opportunity, by becoming a sponsor of Muskoka Founders Circle, we are delighted that our aspirations are being fulfilled in the most profound way. We wholeheartedly encourage and support the social initiatives undertaken by the Muskoka Founders Circle and look forward to a valuable contribution.

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