Contact Pest Control

Contact Pest Control is a mobile pest control company with the ability to service areas within and around the Greater Toronto Area. The company is dedicated to providing efficient and effective pest control services.


Contact Pest Control first started as a small pest control company based out of Scarborough, Ontario. However, with the competitive nature of the pest control industry, owner Taha El Bajaoui understood the company's need for growth. As a one-man operation, Taha struggled with achieving his vision of growing his brand and company. He knew he needed a strategic marketing plan, however he was involved in all aspects of the business including bookkeeping, scheduling, and sourcing of materials but did not have the time.


Contact Pest Control needed advice and hands on support to build his brand and he knew he could achieve this through effective advertising.

Execution Strategy

The strategy was to create an AdWords campaign that the company could effectively see results from. BreezeMaxWeb's team analyzed AdWords and phrases that are effective and cost-efficient in order to attract potential clients. The AdWord campaign minimized Contact Pest Control's budget to be cost-effective while promoting the company. BreezeMaxweb's strategy was to change the AdWords depending on season due to its seasonal services.


Contact Pest Control continuously sees growth and increase in customers each month. After the launch of their successful AdWords campaign with BreezeMaxWeb, the company acquired over 20 potential clients within its first few weeks. On average, Contact Pest Control gains at least 10 new clients every month even with its off-season. The BreezeMaxWeb team frequently updates and communicates with Contact Pest Control to provide recommendations on how to improve Taha's business. Contact Pest Control has increased their marketing budget with Google by a staggering 500% in just a few short months, as the success with their campaign brought in more income, which allowed them to expand their marketing efforts.

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