Continued Growth: 2015 Profit 500 Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies


BreezeMaxWeb® would like to thank all of our staff; media consultants, technicians, marketers, partners and everyone who has continued their dedication and support to help with the growth of the company. BreezeMaxWeb® has once again been featured in the PROFIT 500, Canada's fastest growing companies. In 2014 we were ranked number 84 but this year we have moved up and are now #58!

These PROFIT 500 rankings help gain insight into the Canadian market and business landscape, seeing which companies are growing at what rate over the years. This feature is not only an honour to be a part of but rewarding in the sense that our hard work as a company is paying off year over year.

Being named #58 out of all the companies growing at unprecedented rates allows our teams to look and reflect on what our work does for the community. We as a company pride ourselves on delivering quality services with exceptional results. With company growth through the roof it brings up the point that our work is growing because we care about our clients and make sure they are happy with the services being provided.

We are ready to continue our growth in the years to come and are looking forward to working even harder to attract more clients that we can help grow their business.

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Additionally, BreezeMaxWeb® is ranked #6 in Marketing and Advertising in Canada:

Once again BreezeMaxWeb® thanks everyone involved at every level.

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