Digital Marketing Trends to note in 2019


There is no denying that digital marketing cannot be ignored. Although the power of overall effective marketing is indisputable, today there is a massive shift in the approach. It is no secret that a well-executed marketing and advertising campaign can create a winning edge to any business by increasing the demand for their products or services.

To be successful in bringing your product or service closer to your target audience, marketing efforts can no longer be confined to traditional print or electronic media. Digital is the way to move forward! If you want your business to be noticed, you need to have a robust online presence. Whether it is a social media buff, creating impactful content or going viral, with online marketing, the possibilities are endless.

So what is it that you can do to get your target audience's attention and how should you do it? Among a million things that you can have the internet do for you, here is a list of top digital marketing tools that are sure to make a difference to your business and brand.

You have probably used Facebook to catch up with your long lost friends or post updates about your life. As a business owner, Facebook can help you to look at your potential target markets. Although it may not be very suitable for a few campaigns as it continues to trend towards specific younger demographics, there is no doubt that it may still be useful when you know your target audience and can target their profiles. Just make sure that the audience you're marketing to is still on Facebook, or you may end up targeting the wrong social media platform.

Instagram - For the younger audience:
In today's day and age where patience and efforts are quite expensive, Instagram seamlessly resonates with the preference and choice of younger demographics. The ease of sharing images and videos on 'Insta' through their phone is unbeatable. With the meteoric rise of Instagram, it can be regarded as one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms.

Chatbots can be defined as a specialized form of software which acts like a virtual concierge on behalf of your company. They communicate with users and help them to achieve their goals. You may be profoundly mistaken if you think that chatbots interact like robots. Chatbots are programmed to interact in the most natural and humanly way through the use of text chat windows.

Many chatbots can also be programmed to understand and respond to verbal interactions. Chatbots are becoming quite popular on all social media, especially Facebook. Right from providing weather reports to automating basic customer support, chatbots can be applied to virtually any kind of function. To a consumer, chatbots are amazing. They are sophisticated, personalized, conduct focused interactions and all this with limited human resources. Chatbots are a growing digital trend and a definite prerequisite to building a strong digital presence.

The power of videos to convey a message or idea cannot be denied. Video speaks volumes, and this is the reason why big market players are engaging their target market with powerful videos. Sophisticated analytics can give you the exact demographics of who viewed your product video, posted comments, shared or liked it. The first level of consumer engagement can be easily achieved with a solid and impactful video.

Having great content on your website, including blogs and social media engagement channels, is a must if you want your target audience to view you as leaders in the industry. Today's buyer-seller relationship is no longer limited to monetary exchange and exchange of a good or service. The consumer wants value. They seek value for their purchase and from whom they purchase. They want higher engagement levels even before the smallest purchase, and good content makes your consumer believe that you know what you are selling.

Once they believe in the value of your knowledge about your product, they will believe in your product too. Establishing a thought leadership around your business through your website, blogs and other digital ways is a must. Remember, a business that cares about their consumer needs are successful businesses.

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