Do outbound links matter for SEO


Outbound links refer to a few different types of links. When you decide to link out to other content it will be important for you to understand these different types.

Internal Links

Internal links link from one page on your website to another page on your own website. An internal link means that whoever clicks on it will stay on the same website. These types of links help your visitors navigate through the website and it will also help optimize your website for the search engines.

External Links

External links link out from one website to another website. There are two different types of external links to understand. Links from other websites to your website are known as inbound links or backlinks. Links from your website to another website are known as outbound links.

Outbound links are important for your SEO efforts in general. The link helps out those that you link out to, so this can be your supplier or even your customer. And the more people add to your SEO the better and the more you will benefit from it.

You can create outbound links to any resources you might be using for your information on your posts or blog posts, or other types of posts on your website. Or, you can also start linking out websites that you are confident that your readers will be interested in checking out. You can refer and link to these other websites because it will help both of you out and they deserve it, plus it would be great if they could do the same thing for you.

Always pick links that will be relevant to your audience and your website visitors. If you think that your visitors might want to explore a certain topic more in depth than you are able to in your content then link them out to another website that does. We recommend that every one of your posts include an outbound link. This is because SEO is like a spiderweb that everyone benefits from when they are connected to each other. Adding in an outbound link you can connect your website to other websites and this creates a web which continues to expand. This helps search engines connect the dots when they are trawling through search results when it comes to figuring out which sites are related to one another.

By being a part of this connected web and properly structuring your website and other websites around you, search engines get help finding the most interesting and relevant websites. This allows everyone to enjoy the benefits that come from practicing SEO.

Another reason to add outbound links to your website is because of the expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (EAT) which is becoming increasingly important. Linking to trustworthy sources on your website contributes to the EAT of your content and shows search engines that you are using the right sources to create your content.

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