Dodds Garage Door Systems

Dodds Garage Door Systems Inc. is an all-Canadian privately owned company, established in 1958. Speecializing in the sale, repairs, service and installation of: Overhead Garage Doors, Electric Garage Door Openers, Associated Safety Systems, Preventive Maintenance Programs.


Dodds Garage Door Systems has been involved in traditional advertising including radio, print, and television and were able to determine their cost of customer acquisition. Their online advertising was their primary issue. Dealing directly with a Google account representative in the US, they were not happy with the level of service, support, and overall results they received after spending between $500 - $2,000 per month on AdWords campaigns.


Dodds Garage Door Systems needed an experienced and knowledgeable professional service provider who can act as the middleman to help uncover the reasons why they were not realizing on their investment in AdWords. BreezeMaxWeb invested a considerable amount of time to get Dodds Garage Door Systems the exposure they needed. Maintaining a close relationship throughout the process, BreezeMaxWeb delivered value on a daily basis.


Within three weeks of retaining BreezeMaxWeb, results far exceeded what a Google representative had done over the past. Re-configuring their marketing strategy which included re-targeting the marketplace with the right messages meant a 5-fold increase over their closest competitors in online advertising costs. Acting as the middleman, BreezeMaxWeb helped Dodds Garage Door Systems obtain the best ROI from Google Adwords and we continue to have an excellent relationship to this day.

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