Dream Big with BreezeMaxWeb


Being a small business owner, or working on a small business team, can be a challenge. There are only a few dedicated members of the team that are pushing for your company's success, and that success needs to happen each month for the doors to stay open. With all the stresses, trials, and the immense sacrifice that go into every day running of a small business, it is especially admirable when small businesses are also giving back to the community.

This dedication to the community is why BreezeMaxWeb wants to reward Canadian small businesses who take the time and energy to give back. Small business owners and employees put in long hours at work to prosper, and taking even more time out of their schedules to volunteer time, or taking money out of their profit margins to help out those who are in need, is worthy of recognition.

BreezeMaxWeb wants to recognize these acts of kindness with our Dream Big contest. Small businesses of one to three employees who have one location of business can apply to be the Dream Big winner, who will receive $10,00 worth of free services from BreezeMaxWeb to help their business flourish.

We believe that small businesses deserve a leg up, and so we hope that you will Dream Big with BreezeMaxWeb!

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