Dundas Chiropractic is one of Oakville's professional and trusted health and wellness clinics. They specialize in back pain and back pain related ailments but also offer a wide range of therapy options such as chiropody (foot care), naturopathic medicine and more. Dundas Chiropractic has the mission of ensuring that each patient reaches optimal physical condition through specialized care.


Before engaging BreezeMaxWeb in October 2016, Dundas Chiropractic noticed that a majority of their competitors were shifting to digital marketing strategies, and wanted to ensure that their business will continue to receive traffic. BreezeMaxWeb's goal was to take advantage of the search engines and other digital marketing tactics to convert online visitors into loyal clients. Problems included were:

  • Dundas Chiropractic did not have an up-to-date website that could appeal to the technology savvy target audience.
  • The website was not mobile friendly, making it hard for mobile users to navigate the website, thus deterring them from the business.


It was recognized that because the website was outdated and not mobile friendly, Dundas Chiropractic was not getting the traffic that they needed, especially in the hyperlocal city of Oakville. BreezeMaxWeb realized that more had to be done to create awareness of Dundas Chiropractic's online presence such as creating a new and updated website that can be easily used across desktop and mobile.


The SEO Analysts at BreezeMaxWeb developed a more holistic approach for online marketing in order to increase traffic to the Dundas Chiropractic website. These tactics included:

  • Building a brand new website.
  • Developing an integrated marketing strategy.
  • Doing "white hat" SEO and a more forward AdWords campaign.

Execution Strategy

While building the website, the SEO team conducted keyword research to ensure proper distribution of key phrases across the website. Once the new and optimized website was launched, our team built an online presence for Dundas Chiropractic by:


Increasing reviews on the Google My Business profile.


Adding structured data mark-up, as well as high quality site content to the blog and web pages.


Installing our latest BreezeTact conversion plugin for mobile devices developed in-house.


As a result of the new strategies and digital marketing tactics that BreezeMaxWeb implemented for online expansion, there was an increase in search traffic as well as conversions such as phone calls and contact form submissions. Dundas Chiropractic now ranks at the first position on Google due to high volume search queries done on Google Maps.

This graph labels a steady increase in Google rankings for Dundas Chiropractic since near their start with BreezeMaxWeb in late October 2016 to September 2017.

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