Dynamic Call Tracking and Mobile Call Forwarding


Running Your Business:
Your company has lots of moving parts on a daily basis. It is vital to ensure that everything is tracked including form fills, calls and location requests. When using online advertising as a way to reach new customers there are many tools available. Google advertising, pay per click are one of the easiest ways to have an abundance of information all in 1 place. While you are paying per click there is lots of information to help assist in paying less for each website visitor or customer call. Refining areas such as your ad schedule, call information, ad copy and keywords will assist in helping your business run more smooth. With today’s shift towards mobile devices, a phone call is becoming more important than ever.

Tracking Calls:
While using the pay per click advertising method, Google AdWords, there is a free option to track all calls. This will show your business when calls are coming in, the duration and area code. No longer will your company be left in the dark about potential missed calls or active calls that never followed through. In this case, Google is understanding that companies need more to track and that calls are gold to businesses. Most companies will take a call over a website form fill as talking to a potential customer has a higher conversion rate. As a customer, they want to make sure your business is trustworthy, which is better achieved through phone calls. If your business has techniques to ensure a sale over the phone this helps drastically.

Dynamic Call Tracking:
Dynamic call tracking with Google AdWords is a simple process in which your company can track both online calls from ads themselves along with website calls. It is simply placing a website code that changes your number when a customer comes in from an ad click to your website. This helps with double tracking as it not only tracks specific AdWords calls but website ones too. It is one of the best ways to see more statistics for your online advertising. For companies using Google online advertising as a way to reach new customers, it is best to use all tracking methods.

Included Online:
There are many features updated on a monthly basis with Google AdWords to help better track and ensure success through pay per click advertising. While there are other marketing channels available some showcase a lower ability in terms of tracking and success rates. With pay per click, your company has more control and can easily adapt strategy methods instantly. Google keeps including new tracking methods as a way to prove this advertising channel works. Of course, it must be developed properly and maintained but there are lots of tips provided to ensure accounts work at their best.

Finding the Right Customers:
While more tools are available online there is a need to businesses to understand what they are doing. Businesses especially with pay per click advertising must know their customers inside and out. This can include the words they are searching, their locations and even what will grab their attention. Businesses that truly understand their customers are the ones that see a higher return on investment, ROI, with pay per click advertising. While finding the right customers for a sale is vital, existing ones can be an indication towards future success. Building a database of how to properly target customers will help in building better relationships. When your customer profile is correct the methods for tracking come into play. Your business, while it should focus on calls, needs to know what works best. If your product is sold online then your website is the most important, if it is a service and talking helps sell then phone calls are priority. Depending on the highest return channel this helps with developing a better strategy of tracking.

Knowing the Market:
When it comes to your company’s success through online marketing it is important to understand where the market is and what customers want. Advertising the right things, for your business, during certain times of the year will yield a better result. The most important strategy is to follow where the market is going. As mentioned before there has been a shift towards mobile advertising, with more customers on mobile devices daily. Each quarter the statistic of growth in this category increases. This trend means that to capture phone calls and customers it is important to put more focus on such. Ensuring that your company is tracking calls and has Google call forwarding in place while using Google AdWords, pay per click, will help with making any adjustments. Tracking is becoming more important than ever to make decisions on what is working and what is not.

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