European Beauty

Located in the heart of Yorkville, European Beauty is a boutique spa that specializes in skin care. They provide a qualified team of expert aestheticians that offers a variety of anti-aging and cosmetic treatments, facial and body services and other skincare needs. Examples of their services include Micro Current Non-Surgical Face Lifts, Radio Frequency Face Lifting and Tightening and DMK Enzyme Skin Revision Therapy.


Before engaging BreezeMaxWeb in December 2016, European Beauty was having trouble with generating credible leads and search traffic to their website. Their lack of digital presence made it difficult to generate more awareness of their business, since most of their clients only knew of their spa through word of mouth and print advertisements.


European Beauty wanted to increase the revenue of their business through increased traffic to their website. To do so, they recognized that in order to accomplish this goal, they needed a professional digital agency.

  • Increase traffic to their website.
  • Increase the revenue of European Beauty’s business.


The Media Consultant and the SEO Analysts at BreezeMaxWeb performed an in-depth review and analysis of European Beauty's website and took in other factors into play such as the competitive beauty industry, the location and the potential flow of clients. With that in mind, they created a comprehensive digital marketing plan that was customized for European Beauty and their needs with the purpose to increase conversions and maximize online traffic and revenue.

Execution Strategy

The execution strategy included a variety of search engine optimization tactics. The SEO team conducted keyword research, and worked on revamping and optimizing their old website. Some of the issues that needed to be fixed were:

Misleading content: this was reworded and corrected to provide accurate information.

Poor link structure: improving the structure to make the website easier to analyze and to increase security against hackers and spam links.

Poor navigation: we improved navigation on both desktop and mobile, making the website more accessible.

Once that was done, we increased their back link profile which helped them organically reach the top of search rankings when specific and relevant keywords were typed into the search engine.


The result of the various SEO tactics employed by BreezeMaxWeb showed remarkable improvement. Within four months, European Beauty ranked onto the first page of Google thanks to the key phrases chosen. Their monthly organic traffic was doubled and their bounce rate reduced by 98%.

Since then, European Beauty's online presence became more known with an increase in organic search traffic which bought clients both to their website and their location, fulfilling their goal of getting increased traffic and revenue.

This graph labels a steady and consistent increase in Google rankings for European Beauty since their collaboration with BreezeMaxWeb in late December 2016 to August 2017.

This compares sessions from May 7, 2016 to December 31, 2016 and January 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017.

Session: a session is a group of interactions that a user takes within a certain time frame on the website. As a result of our efforts, there has been an increase of 64.49% in sessions. The amount of time on each session has decreased, which can be due to the website being easier to navigate.

Users: a user is anyone that is browsing the website, whether they are a returning visitor or a new one. There was an increase of 146.45% in users, with an increase in new visitors to the site.

Pageviews: this is defined as a user's view on a page. The pageviews was increased by 231.25%

Bounce Rate: the number of visitors that leave the site shortly after visiting it. The bounce rate showed a positive increase in 90.67%, meaning more people are visiting the site and staying on it, rather than leaving right away.

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