In business for over 77 years, Extoggery is an upscale consignment clothing store in Toronto, Ontario, with a focus on brand-name, high-end clothing and accessories.


Extoggery had a website but it failed to generate additional customers to their physical location. The site had issues including broken pages, pages that were difficult to navigate, and was loading slow. Since they relied on traditional advertising and word-of-mouth, their growth was limited.


Extoggery had been in business for a long time and were used to only investing into traditional advertising. Since retail relies heavily on foot-traffic, Extoggery knew that in order to grow they would have to do something different, and that meant building their brand through other forms of media. They needed help understanding the online space and how best to maximize their site as well as strategies to increase their brand awareness beyond their neighbourhood.


Our BreezeMaxWeb Media Consultant underwent an in-depth analysis of their site, industry, and location and created a comprehensive digital marketing plan that was customized to their specific space.

Execution Strategy

The strategy included SEO and AdWords. On the SEO side, we began by cleaning the website and fixing all issues including misleading content, poor link structure, and poor navigation. We then optimized the site for Google and helped push them to the top of search rankings under specific, relevant key words. For AdWords, we set up a high converting campaign to bring them additional traffic. When AdWords and SEO are combined, these work together to reduce the cost-per-click as opposed to running an AdWords campaign without SEO.


Since gaining a better understanding of digital media advertising and working closely with our media consultant, Extoggery experienced an increase in foot traffic to their location. They have contributed this increase to working with BreezeMaxWeb, has since increased their overall budget, and is more excited about the future than ever.

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